Diatone Formula One

By Pimpmykwad on Sep 09, 2018

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Here is my last build...and perhaps the coolest one!!! Look at that heatsink !!!! Gorgeous no?
It was quite challenging to put all this stuff in so tiny space! I had to enhance the cage with countersunk washer. All fit perfectly now....except for the capacitor: no place for it. So i try to fly without. If th noise is too high..i will put this capacitor somewhere.

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Sepahbodi   Feb 27, 2019  

sick sick sick! hydrodip the frame?

Pimpmykwad   Mar 14, 2019 

yes sir.... i have tuto on my YT channellll

silkysmooth3215   Nov 05, 2018  

Simply gorgeous. Can I have one too?

Pimpmykwad   Oct 15, 2018  

Here is a presentation of this cute quad!! enjoy!!!

JeanQuadVanDamme   Oct 08, 2018  

I looks awesome, The heatsink is to its side, you need there to be maximum air flow threw the fins. turn it 90 degrees to its side

Pimpmykwad   Oct 10, 2018 

of course youre right !!!! I will turn it ;-)

Currently   Sep 09, 2018  

"Last build".... hah good joke ;)

Pimpmykwad   Oct 10, 2018 

lol sorry for my bad english!!!! not last but latest!!! ;-)

UnderDawg   Sep 09, 2018  

Looks great!! what kv did you go with on the motors? I'm using the same Led's and the 2300kv Sunny's on the build I'm finishing up now.

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UnderDawg   Sep 09, 2018 

Just the motors and the CLracing LED's... I've always been a fan of SunnySky motors

Pimpmykwad   Sep 14, 2018 

ok so i made the maiden....this quad is my best one!! it flies so smoothly with BF 3.5.... the PID tuning was quit simple (increase some D): no propwash...very locked! Video is coming..... But, the KV of the motors are a bit too low! I crashed 2 times after diving because of the lack of power . It's a bit difficult for me because all my other quad are 2650-2700 KV.... so perhaps it's my fault : I put throttle too late I think. I will try in 5S ;-)

UnderDawg   Sep 14, 2018 

I'll be taking my SS 2300kv's out first thing in the morning... I'll let you know how they do on 6'' props.

Whiffles   Sep 11, 2018  

I love the heat sink! It looks like it's got red hair. Great work as usual, but you might want to work on your soldering ;) You didn't get enough solder on those pads.

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Drones_Brigade   Sep 12, 2018 

i too was about to say something about that. i think removing thr plastic and the AKK sticker will be more effective in cooling the vtx chip.

Pimpmykwad   Sep 13, 2018 

The heatsink is more for the look than for heat dissipation !!!! No heat problem with AKK even at 1200 mW..... and all my quads use the VTX_AUTOLOWER function in CLI: the power is decrease to 25 mW when the quad is disarmed

Whiffles   Sep 13, 2018 

I didn't know about that feature, very handy!

duffa123   Sep 11, 2018  

Great looking build! How did you mount the VTX?

Xcharlos   Sep 10, 2018  

where did you buy the hydrodip sheets?

Pimpmykwad   Sep 10, 2018 


Mjonlive   Sep 10, 2018  

did you air brush the frame if not what was done to paint it looks great ..!! IM Almost done building the same frame

Pimpmykwad   Sep 10, 2018 

no it's hydrodipping (tuto is coming on my youtube channel soon) https://www.facebook.com/Pimpmykwad/videos/1997889573603306/

Pimpmykwad   Sep 09, 2018  

here is the led working:

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