Nightshade VX5

By alphac3 on Sep 09, 2018

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Vertigo VX5 Fame from iFlight it is solid like a tank but also very heavy. My only real concern is how close the props come to the main body.



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KreepZer0   Oct 15, 2018  

I love those props!

Jodie Froster   Sep 12, 2018  

Quite the looker

alphac3   Sep 10, 2018  

tried a 5042 prop which had a bit more clearance but when i started a power loop and pitched up the blades contacted the frame and this was the result.

Whiffles   Sep 11, 2018 

Oh no! Any damage to the frame?

alphac3   Sep 11, 2018 

no damage to the frame just had to clean the grass and mud off it impacted pretty hard too. sounded like a weed eater when the props blew off.

alphac3   Sep 10, 2018  

I took it out today for a short test and unfortunately the props are making contact with the body. I need to find different props. Flys like a brick tho on 4S.

Currently   Sep 09, 2018  

If you ever break this thing.... post pics

DPJ   Sep 09, 2018  

Absolutely love the look of this frame :D

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