By LooseTransistor on Oct 24, 2016

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Well, you have all already met Hyde.. this is his crazy side.. Jekyll.

It is essentially the same build as the last martian I posted but this one has a much more powerful set of motors. DYS 2205/2550 KV's. These things pack a serious punch and will require me to drop my Throttle midpoint even further.

This is a purpose built racer and I am hoping it survives next weekend =D



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Whiffles   Feb 06, 2017  

Heyo Loose! I was just looking at this frame for a super cheap, budget build. How do you like it? Can that PDB be excluded?

LooseTransistor   Feb 15, 2017 

Hmmm sort of yes sort of no.. it does provide some ammount of structural integrity since it is quite thick and beefy.

My advice is to use the PDB and then use a dropdown or direct Vbat for video system.

Whiffles   Feb 15, 2017 

I ended up getting the Martian II, but it's a similar design. I'm using a 4-in-1 ESC so I'd like to avoid using the PDB, but maybe I can flip it over or something and use it for the structural integrity?

LooseTransistor   Feb 17, 2017 

Yeah that should probably do the trick!

Kbobiles   Jan 10, 2017  

Wondering what you used to outline the frames? Liquid white out?

I love the build, you've encouraged me to buy the Martian III frame.

LooseTransistor   Jan 10, 2017 

I actually use a product called Duplicolor - its for matching car paint, comes in a bottle with a paintbrush. I just apply it on carefully then hit it with the supplied clear cote. It dries nice and hard just like automotive paint =)

Kbobiles   Jan 10, 2017 

Thanks for tip!

P.S. My Martian III frame just came in... :)

LooseTransistor   Jan 13, 2017 

Ohhh nice man! Look forward to seeing it posted here =D

Whiffles   Oct 24, 2016  

Silver motors, clear props and silver ESCs. I like it.

LooseTransistor   Oct 25, 2016 

If anything, at least my drones have style =)

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