BensonK RXUF (Ultra Fox)

By wrckit on Oct 02, 2018

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I am writing this RB on behalf of Benson since everyone has a million questions about his build and he doesnt have a build sheet for it yet.

I wish i could convey for you what kind of words Benson has to say about this quad. If i were to guess, i'd say its probably his favorite design to date, out of his large fleet of rigs. Nothing else has suited his flying style so exactly and fulfillingly, as long range/endurance/cinematic flying is his JAM. 35 minutes of flight is achievable on this platform with the listed titanpower endurance pack. Keep in mind that this pack has a 15a continuous rating and if you exceed that for too long it will overheat and fail. You can achieve great flight times on other packs though, it seems to fly best with a little bit of weight. somewhere in the realm of an 1800-2200 4s or 5s are happy spots. But it has carried some large payloads and asked for more, but there is a point of diminishing returns.

If you want more information on the ultrafox check out my other personal build with one, or feel free to message me. Thank you Ryan for the design, you truly nailed it.


Part List


RotorX Atomic Fox 5 (8 builds)

Flight Controller

Powercube 2in1 FPVision (4 builds)


4 x Hobbywing XRotor 2405 Sensorless Brushless Motor 1800KV 2250KV 2850KV 4S For RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor (10 builds)


HQ Prop 7x3.5x3 V1S Tri-Blade 7" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (20 builds)

FPV Camera

Runcam Micro Eagle (212 builds)


AXII-SMA (Long) | (34 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano RX (SE) (225 builds)


7.0Ah 14.8v 160W Endurance (2 builds)


TBS Tango (11 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO6 Black (9 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session - Waterproof Digital Action Camera for Travel with 4K HD Video 10MP Photos (196 builds)

Misc Parts

X²-AIR 5.8 | (2 builds)

Misc Parts

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Link (9 builds)
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Joelkeila   Jan 05, 2019  

where can i purchase frame with 7" ARMS? I HAVE THE 5" BUT DONT KNOW ABOUT 7 please let me know.GREAT JOB BY THE WAY

wrckit   Jan 07, 2019 

Currently all the kits we had are sold out. It was a short preorder only run of arms and frames. We are however working on doing another small batch hopefully soon if you're still interested. In the mean time i can suggest JET's SuperG+ as a spectacular alternative if you're wanting a lovely 7" deadcat frame :) thanks for the kind words!

HornetFPV   Oct 04, 2018  

that build looks awesome bro. bet it flys great. keep up the good work

wrckit   Oct 04, 2018 

No sir, you keep it up! Thanks!

recon   Oct 04, 2018  

Fancy AF! Just ordered it. Dopest looking frame out there. Love the canopy!

wrckit   Oct 04, 2018 

thanks for your support!

thumbtwiddler   Oct 03, 2018  

this is the first time ive ever wanted to build a solely bottom mounted quad


wrckit   Oct 03, 2018 

only one day left to order.

TeamWolfFPV   Oct 03, 2018  

In the video, I see some clips with props and some without. do you know if this frame shows props?

wrckit   Oct 03, 2018 

if you use the session 5 and a 20 degree canopy it will show props. If you use a hero style cam and the 20 i believe it should be free and clear, it is 100% prop free with a hero cam and the 30 deg canopy.

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