GEP-TX5 Chimp F60 2450kv

By Whiffles on Dec 01, 2016

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I was fairly impressed with the quality of the GEP130X, so I decided to try out their flagship 5" frame, the GEP-TX. It's fairly well thought out and includes a few bonus components like the WS2812B LED panel and a battery plate with foam feet.

It doesn't say it in the product name, but this FC is an Omnibus F3 clone. I also have a genuine Omnibus and they both perform identically. I flashed Betaflight 3.1 and updated the ESCs to run dshot and everything seems to work as expected.


There were a couple challenges, so I'd like to point them out and offer my solutions.

  1. Fitting the FPV camera is a challenge. You'll need to screw one side panel to the camera before fitting it into the top plate. Once you've got it in place then slide the other side through the top plate before screwing it onto the camera. Once that's complete you can add the standoffs and HD camera mount.

  2. Depending on the size of your RX you may have trouble finding an appropriate place to mount it. Since I'm using a Spektrum diversity satellite it was small enough to ramp down the front of the FC below the FPV camera. I've got it antenna side down so I can run the antennas behind the front arms. They'll be far better protected here rather than on top.


In the future I won't be using separate ESCs. Compared to a 4-in-1 build this was far more time consuming. I think we've reached a point where a 4-in-1 likely won't fail due to electronic failure. ESCs are far more prone to environmental damage being exposed on the arms. If you do choose to use separate ESCs you'll want to replace the kit PDB. It's very poor quality. Ideally you can find a 4-in-1 with 12v filtered output to the FC.

This frame kit favors a VTX with an off-center antenna connector. The "tail" plate that mounts to the back has a groove that can be fitted to the left or the right depending on how you orient your VTX. They also provide a plate to mount above the flight controller, but the standoffs are too short to raise it above the LED panel. If you've got taller standoffs you might want to raise the platform to sandwich the VTX between it and the top plate.



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aliimam   Jan 10, 2017  

I'm a fan of how you mounted the Rx antennas :)

Whiffles   Jan 10, 2017 

Thanks! It wasn't my idea though. I have lumpydonut to thank for his Garuda build. It's a nice safe place for them, but it makes handling the quad a bit more troublesome.

aliimam   Jan 11, 2017 

Ahh, I've been doing it on all my builds for a while now. I'm a big fan of the looks and usefulness.

butter14   Jan 04, 2017  

Totally agree with the 4-1 FSC+ESC+PDB+OSD combo boards. They're so much easier to install and the price on them has come down substantially. It just doesn't make sense to have separate ESC's, PDB and OSD boards especially considering how much weight savings there are with the 4-1's and all the functionality that's bundled with them.

Whiffles   Jan 04, 2017 

Exactly. The time savings and simplicity really make a huge difference. I used a 4-in-1 on my prior build and was wishing I'd taken that route as I assembled this one.

dirtdiver   Jan 04, 2017  

Holy crap man! What a pretty and clean build. Keep it up man!

Whiffles   Jan 04, 2017 

Thanks! There's always something I could have done better though. I guess there's always the next build :)

Deckard_FPV   Dec 31, 2016  

Very clean build Whiffles, love it!
Could I ask you which battery cable you used? Looks like an small AWG for a 4s 5" setup?
Been wondering if its ok to use an smaller diameter than 12awg for a long time!
Thanks so much!

Whiffles   Dec 31, 2016 

Good eye! I originally made a mistake and used too thin a gauge of wire. I later swapped it out with a thicker wire to match my battery leads.

Deckard_FPV   Dec 31, 2016 

Oh! Had the hope that experiment went ok.. haha

I will keep using 12awg in that case.

So kindful Whiffles! Good flights!

thomaazz   Dec 26, 2016  

Awesome build Whiffles!
Can you tell me what the auw is including hd cam and battery?

Whiffles   Dec 26, 2016 

I'll break out the scale and check tomorrow. I'm curious myself

Whiffles   Dec 27, 2016 

616g with the camera and battery.

thomaazz   Dec 28, 2016 

Thank you!

Whiffles   Dec 22, 2016  

All finished! I took it out for a maiden today and it flew great. I decided to switch the VTX to the Eachine ET526. The 90 degree angled SMA on the other VTX just doesn't work with this frame. It needs a VTX that sends the antenna out the back. I ended up with more than enough space above the stack and I managed to squeeze the RX just below the FPV camera.

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Whiffles   Dec 27, 2016 

Sure, here's my first flight. I had the expo way too high, so it flew like a boat, but I love the sound!

Dingleberry1   Dec 27, 2016 

Nice Video!
I like how you parked it in the Tree at the end! Lol...

Whiffles   Dec 27, 2016 

My expo was way off, so it wasn't responsive at all. I'm looking forward to a much better tuned flight next time.

diddy2k   Nov 11, 2016  

6inch? hv? thats a ton of power. this might be my qavr clone and future gopro flyer. good call man. ahh i can't keep building something every month!! :)

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SadisticLeprechaun   Nov 13, 2016 

On my setup those batteries do really well.

Whiffles   Nov 13, 2016 

Great to hear! I got the racing editions actually.

The Lightning Stalker   Dec 27, 2016 

I built the 6" version of this frame and yes it has tons of power.

SadisticLeprechaun   Nov 13, 2016  

I have 2 quads with those F60 motors. The 2200kv runs 6x4.5x3 on 4S, and amazingly the 2450kv runs 5x4x4 on 4S or 5S comfortably. Its power is just insano. Best thing though is lower throttle control, they seem to be really good at lower control speeds while still having crazy top end. LOVE them. I will say though that these engines for me killed many cheap batteries, while any brand of graphene (Hobbyking, Lumenier, DefianceRC 5S graphene) and the Tattu line held up well. They really killed HV batteries fast though, both Bolt and Lumeneir.

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SadisticLeprechaun   Nov 15, 2016 

5x4x4 by far.

The Lightning Stalker   Dec 22, 2016 

Did you try Thunder Power Adrenalines? I'm assuming they puffed.

SadisticLeprechaun   Dec 23, 2016 

Nope, if I recall those are the ones that Mr. Steele uses, and they were shockingly overpriced.

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