By recon on Nov 26, 2018

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Longtime X-Labs fanboy buys dead cat from world champion.

Looking to go further than before with something light and fun. Found something no further than the Pacific Northwest in the SuperG by Project399.



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Farmer Fpv   Apr 16, 2019  

super clean build! I love it so much when it came in I bought a second one before I even started building the first one. lol. the champion sure knows how to make a sexy frame. Awesome pictures by the way they would look great on his website.

littlebird_fpv   Feb 06, 2019  

Hey, whats the weight of the frame? cant find some info about... thanks

recon   Feb 06, 2019 

Dry weight is 472g with the GoPro couch, 2 GoPro straps, 2 kevlar battery straps, big ass 2208 motors, & long boy TX antenna. The frame itself, I don't know the weight, but the arms are super nice 6mm. I've replaced all the screws with titanium hardware. It flies so buttery smooth on 4S.

jazzyboy   Nov 30, 2018  

The Super G+ frame is out of stock on the project399 website.
Does anyone know if it can be found at another dealer ?

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recon   Dec 01, 2018 

That is a great deal!

jazzyboy   Dec 01, 2018 

Could you give me the link ? Is it Project999 frame ?

UnderDawg   Dec 01, 2018 

message sent.

The Van   Nov 29, 2018  

Wow, mega clean & super sick shots!

thumbtwiddler   Nov 27, 2018  

Looks awesome! Are you top or bottom mounting the battery? (Kinda curious because I see everyone going with the bottom mounting for the 7 inch quads)

recon   Nov 27, 2018 

definitely see what you are saying, there so many underslung LR builds. this quad will absolutely be a battery on top format. the top plate even has two sets of slots for straps. all about protecting the battery. the Falcon Multirotor Raggio Lungo is another 7" that has top slung batteries - it is really well made!

thumbtwiddler   Nov 28, 2018 

cool! I've been considering the idea of building a long range quad but I just can't get used to flying the bottom slung battery.

StickyRice   Nov 27, 2018  

Whoaoaaaaa! Im used with micros and whenever i see soemthing THIS BIG i just get so overwhelmed. I can even hear the sound it probably makes!!

recon   Nov 27, 2018 

It is huge! Easily the biggest 7" frame that I've seen. Can't wait to hear he sweet music!

Jodie Froster   Nov 27, 2018  

Looks mean, like a predator

recon   Nov 27, 2018 

It really does look ready to chase something fast.

FrenchB   Nov 27, 2018  

Amazing shots. Jet should pay you for the marketing.

recon   Nov 27, 2018 

Thanks! An atta'boy is all I need, but I'll never turn down gear for photo trades.

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