Lipo Reaper

By GrannyAppleSmith on Sep 03, 2019

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A build I did a while back for simple two way speed runs.

Went out to fly it one day during winter and accidently armed in the car inches from my face so its been on my wall ever since lol. I plan on upgrading firmware on escs and flight controller and properly set up a pre arm within the next few days and start burning up lipos

Might do a canopy and upgrade motors later down the line.



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MTopp   Oct 01, 2019  

I thought this was a joke lol, very odd frame

ThumbzFPV   Sep 06, 2019  

Damn I can't tell if this was the OG ARX-R or the 5R-4S. Either way, cool to see that one of them is still flying.

I would strongly, strongly recommend getting one of the new ARX-R V2 frames (the ones with the TPU canopy) if you like these. It's a huge leap ahead of the original R.

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Optimize   Sep 17, 2019 

That's a bummer. It's such a nice design. I would love to have one, but without the option for replacment parts, it's less appealing. Thanks so much for the offer and quick reply.

GrannyAppleSmith   Sep 17, 2019 

I actually contacted ryan a couple weeks ago. He still has a couple of 5in frames with 5in arm spares still available. His contact info is on his site,

Hes also offered up to cut more frames but I dont want to burden him with the costs just for a single frame and spare arms for the 6in version.

Also dont be fooled by the 'frail' arms. This frame is wicked sturdy. I lost this one in a runwawy and ive also crashed into asphalt after a prop came loose. Quad just cartwheeled away on the props. There are also videos of people stress and crash testing the frame.

This is really a unique and awesome frame

ThumbzFPV   Sep 19, 2019 

The 6" is amazing BTW. I'm trying my damndest to get a Hero 7 to mount onto one well while not having props in view... It's.. challenging.

Believe it or not, I actually fit an Air Unit into my 30x30 canopy on it. I'm experimenting with ways to keep the damn thing cool though. My search for a 25mmx25mmx4-5mm have been woefully unsuccessful

the Skonk   Sep 05, 2019  

change those props too they don't look like are any once friend

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Sep 04, 2019  

Well I'll be.... one of the pre-ARX-R's. That I'd probably go easy on.... no replacing it. I got me some magnet wire, but I think I gotta get some practice in to use the stuff (and I need some of that Rectoseal Nokorode flux). This was a nice share.

GrannyAppleSmith   Sep 04, 2019 

i didnt use flux. well i use kester 63-37 flux core but its nothing special. Only thing you really need to do is either scrape or burn of the epoxy/insulator with a cheap tip or spare iron. Also since its solid core or one single strand of copper youll need to apply heat for longer than with regular multi strand wire.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Sep 04, 2019 

I'm heading down to the shop right now... I'll try it out!

thumbtwiddler   Sep 03, 2019  

what kind of wires are those on the motor? Always seen them but I still have no idea about what kind they are

GrannyAppleSmith   Sep 03, 2019 

theyre magnet wire. its pretty much solid copper wire coated in an epoxy instead of the silicone or pvc coating normal wires have.

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