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By Suteki on Nov 16, 2016

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Multiwiicopter Scarab Avatar twin vector carbon TriCopter. Twin servos operate the front booms for yaw in contrast to most Tricopters which operate a single servo on the rear boom. My favourite looking Multirotor, a real showpiece. The components might be a bit old hat by comparison to the latest stuff out there now but this is still a smooth flying very unique frame. This is NOT the GPS model, it is purely Acro on Multiwii 2.3



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Whiffles   Nov 16, 2016  

Wow, that's quite a frame. Is this just for LOS?

Suteki   Nov 16, 2016 

For me? Yes.

It's not a rapid flyer like a smaller racer, it's a larger cruiser and I fly it line of sight, but many people buy it as an FPV machine also. For me personally, I prefer to LOS it, I don't fly it too much as I am scared to crash it as an accident with it is a bit like having an accident with a Heli, you end up destroying the servo gears and money is a bit tight lately and I hate having something broken. The main thing for me when flying it is just what a stunning machine it is in the air, it just looks amazing, in FPV, it would just end up being a larger more docile sort of quad, where the main attraction from my point of view is how stunning and different it is visually and seeing it fly around. It's named after the gyros in the Avatar movie, but it reminds me more of something in terminator.

Not me, but something another guy did with his, custom foam canopy;

If you follow the link in the frame parts, you'll see it's sold as an FPV machine,

Whiffles   Nov 16, 2016 

It's certainly something to look at, but I can see what you mean. I'd be afraid to crash it.

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