By LooseTransistor on Nov 17, 2016

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Beaver FPV gave me a Detroit Multirotors WP17 Prototype to build and give feedback on.

Overall I think this frame is amazing in performance but a bit tricky to build unless you go with a full AIO FC that incorporates a PDB and everything in one package. Separate VTX and receiver are totally fine but you don't want to deal with a big stack. Space is at a premium on this frame.

The flight performance however is quite impressive. It felt well planted and took corners very well with the stock Betaflight 3.0.1 PID's and my own rates.

I will be updating this periodically as I get more of a chance to test the frame!

For now I will leave you with this awesome maiden video! -

( will be live soon )


Part List

Flight Controller

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4 x DYS XS30A Brushless ESC - $16.99 | (5 builds)


4 x DYS SE2205 2550KV Pro FPV Racing Motor (12 builds)


Dal Crystal QuadBlade 5040
See Site

FPV Camera

Foxeer HS1177 - NTSC, 2.1 lens, IR Block, Top Connector - Black

FPV Transmitter

FX799T 25mW Video transmitter - RP-SMA

FPV Transmitter

FX799T 25mW Video transmitter - RP-SMA


Foxeer 5.8 GHz RHCP Antenna - Black (16 builds)


RadioLink R9DS 2.4Ghz 9-Ch S.Bus Receiver (No case) (6 builds)


Bonka Power 1300mAh 4s 75/150C XT-60 (23 builds)
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moteasa   Nov 18, 2016  

What is dimension between front to back motors and left to right? Would like a comparison to my DMR stretch frame.

LooseTransistor   Nov 18, 2016 

Front motors are roughly 142mm apart and front-back motors are about 155mm aparts. I don't have a precise instrument on me right now sorry =S

Whiffles   Nov 17, 2016  

What is that cylindrical thing in the back?

LooseTransistor   Nov 17, 2016 

The Capacitor? 35V 2000uf

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