By fovea on Feb 16, 2019

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project framefun, try to make special frame. only nylon.

(with my racerstar 1106 3800kv = doesnt work with this motorsize) probably 0705 motors
16x16 6a-4in1 f4

!first try with version nr2 = it wobbles around terrible, endless vibes, only motortemp fly to the moon
i will try again with 0705 motors or smaller, aigan fear about vibrations.

version 1+2
i made a few mistakes, i wasnt precise enough and made mistakes by armlenght, it bend to easy cause of the lenght. i will try again shorter... 50gr weiight.

version 3
try with to much nylon... thinking about hq4043c can i mount balanced enough? work 4" with a 1106 on a 2s

version 4:
try to copy the arx concept ( as a tribute
62g with lipo, not soldered yet... need receiver...

helium-drop with props, already with air need helium. could this save some weight without destroy airflow? xD

i will update, at least one well flyable version i would like to own



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StickyRice   Apr 23, 2019  

hey i have this similar project. Its at 5.5g for a 3" and its still ridgid for what it is. Maybe i can get you to help me improve it?

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StickyRice   Apr 27, 2019 

all the components are just here for show. They dont work lol. Just wanted to see and get some approx. on the weight and looks

fovea   Apr 27, 2019 

looks awesome, nice prints for prevent the shaft... whats the weight?

StickyRice   Apr 28, 2019 

the frames weight is 5.5g for a 120mm frame. I guess less if i shorten it strictly for a 2.5 or less. with 1103 motors installed, that canopy, a vtx, and a camera, just around 24-25g. but im not sure if ill be sticking with 1103 for my 3" version. Maybe 1103 for a 2.5 and 1104 for the 3". Both are 2s if yorue wondering and uses the single boards in whoops for less weight. my last goal rn is to make a canopy and im having a really hard time cause i want the battery top mounted (just a prefererence). Im finally done with the actual frame so ill be posting the article here soon. i just printed it in pla. havent tested it enought tho haha just hrown it around with some broken parts in it as weight.

Nabla   Feb 19, 2019  

Hey how does those props work when you bolt them in the motor like that. I have never thought about trying that - but it's brilliant if it works.

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fovea   Feb 19, 2019 

inside it looks like a popo-prop with one missing hole

Nabla   Feb 19, 2019 

I would just worry about vibrations, if you get one of the holes slightly off.

fovea   Feb 19, 2019 

4holes normaly gives one chance for free. but vibration from disbalance would be also a problem. when i reflect on this build i wouldnt try...

QuadStar Drones   Feb 17, 2019  

Let us know how it flies! Keep up the brilliant thinking and don't be too afraid of vibrations. I never showed this build on here, but people laughed when they saw this frame:

fovea   Feb 17, 2019 

i will update the finish and experience... but probably i will buy carbonfiberstripes and epoxiglue ;-)

thanks alot for your attention, its a honor for me.

what a build 6.3gr frame with 2204 and cyc5040 - i cant imagine this is possibel with a 5inch triblade. very nice the videlink. should this fly with dal 5051c or how? i wish i could see.

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