QAV250 CB - Orange

By Fuzz on Oct 06, 2015

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This is my very first QAV250 build. It's the carbon fiber version and it contains all of the 3D parts available from FPV FlightClub. It's packed with a Naze32 Acro stacked on an OSDoge and a 600TVL Sony camera for FPV. I really enjoyed building this quad and my next one is going to be a custom ZMR250.


Part List


Lumenier QAV250 Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame Kit - Carbon Fiber

Flight Controller

Acro Naze32 Flight Controller rev 6


4 x DYS SN20A Mini 20A OPTO ESC with SimonK (2-4S)


4 x COBRA CM-2204/28 Multirotor Motors 2300kv


4 x QAV250 Motor Guards - FPV FlightClub (2 builds)


Gemfan 5045 4-Pack Props
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Venanzio   Apr 25, 2019  

Damn, It's really good. I bought it yesterday and still testing..

happy wheels

Whiffles   Oct 06, 2015  

Looks like a nice build! How do you like the Runcam? I wasn't very happy with my Mobius, so I traded it for a Xiaomi Yi. Hopefully the Runcam is better. Looks like I really need to address these international prices. It seems we've got a mix of AUD and USD in here and no way to discern which is which.

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Whiffles   Oct 07, 2015 

There go, I got your prices normalized. Unfortunately for you they're all in USD for now, but at least you can do a currency converter on the total price to see what it is in AUD. Next I need to add a currency selector so you can see all prices across the site in AUD.

Fuzz   Oct 07, 2015 

Thanks for doing that!

Whiffles   Oct 07, 2015 

Thanks for motivating me to do it! I noticed a bunch of traffic pouring in from reddit over your post and I didn't want them to see an inaccurate price.

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