openfield betaflight configurator (blheli, butter..) with a singelboard computer

By fovea on Mar 25, 2019

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i saw this the poormansfatshark. i didnt build but was a pleasure to see this possibility
i thougt probably wireless openfield-betaflight-raspi is intresting to someone:

Raspberrypi (single-board computer, size of a creditcard) openfield betaflight (and blheli suite) using Raspberrypi as a wireless betaflight „adapter“

I dont now are there other small portable options for blheli on the field, possibly this is intressting for someone. The only unique feature for betaflight in the field, when its prepared for controll wireless, its able to controll it from everywhere over internet, as example with realvnc, teamviewer... someone far away could help see your flight log, setup pid... Its able to controll raspberrypi-betaflight with m“any“ platform; windows, android, ios... tablet, smartphone

the most other openfield possibilities like speedybee-adapter would be more easy to prepare and use and cost less. one thing i like is; a raspberrypi can fly as a quad too, its "usable" as a flightcontroller

when everything is build, on the field you have to open a hotspot, plug in the powerbank, connect probably with smartphone and vnc, start betaflight on it, connect the fc...

What you need to build

-some time
-raspberrypi p3b
-beeing intressted about install a system on a single-board computer and set it up
-sd-card at least 4gb
-display able to connect with hdmi
-hdmi cable
-a computer for preparing the sd card
-some software

Additional hardware for use wireless in the field

-something to make a hotspot for raspberry
-something where realvnc (or another application) is prepared; tablet, smartphone..
-powerbank and micro usb cable to power the raspberrypi (or there would be possibilities over a 5vbec and a lipo)
-a second cable to connect the quad to raspberry
(like the description in the video from quadframesuk, the other possibility would be to controll it with raspberry with a wire hdmi-display, hdmi cable, mouse and keyboard (enogh resolution, my 800x480 7“ touch display doesnt work because of the betaflight program scale, i couldnt see the hole betaflight program window at one time, it wasnt handy to move the window around, but possibly theres a reason, i couldnt find) )

There is a tutorial from QuadFramesUK:
copypaste from there;

Part 1 Raspberry Pi 3 B (OS Flash & Basic Setup)

Part 2 How To Install Betaflight Configurator onto Raspberry Pi

Part 3 Raspberry Pi - Butterflight Installation
Part 4 Raspberry Pi - Blheli Installation

Hardware Required 1. PC / Laptop 2. Raspberry Pi B 3 pre-installed with Raspian 5. HDMI Monitor 6. HDMI Lead 7. USB Mouse 8. USB Keyboard 9. Micro USB Lead

Software Needed for Part 1

  1. SD Card Formatter 2. Etcher 3. Raspian Stretch with desktop OS
    Software Needed for Part 2
  2. Betaflight Configurator (Source Code Zip) 2. nw.js-armv7-binaries (not the SDK version) linux-arm.tar.gz Terminal Commands to copy and paste (versions numbers of Betaflight Configurator & armv7-binaries will depend on the version that you choose to download. you will need to change the version numbers in the related commands below as described in the video. Link to download .TXT commands file for copy & Paste!AqYE1MiwHVxs5WL5A...

hope someone enjoy or give it a try

Part List

Flight Controller

Raspberry Pi 3 - Model B Plus (B+)


CNHL MiniStar 14.8V 4S 850mAh 70C LiPo Battery - XT60 (13 builds)

Power Distribution

Matek PDB-XT60 W/ BEC 5V & 12V (2 builds)
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fvb   Feb 17, 2020  

this is posible ? betaflight on resberi pi ?

fovea   Feb 17, 2020 

i wrote bad, "betaflight configurator" should be written.
yes, blheli... all standart needed software work on a raspi.

but today i use android with speedybee and blheli32 suite, more handy for me as i use android as a dvr recorder sometimes. the reason to use rasperry is more fun ;-) not much benefits and some work to get it....

fvb   Feb 17, 2020  

on u mean betaflight configurator, i tought installing betaflight firmware in to resberi pi

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