Please help I need a name . THEY CALL ME TRINITY

By kwadkenstine on Apr 01, 2019

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Hi . Too hot to go outside.
Trapped inside building Kwads
I Need help naiming this monster.
Chime in.
Update time. Ive been flying this thing a bit lately its a lot heavier than my standard flafour 360g as to 270g without batt and the 2206 2600kv motors just seem lacking lately. So some new motors are on the go and a flash with 4.2.
As for the name he says the others call him Trinity!.



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kwadkenstine   Apr 14, 2019  

easy build.
i used 2 falcon rc reptile frames . long bolts and a bunch of fully threaded stand offs and the 2 bottom plates..and the electronics from any cheep pnp.

Showusflight   Apr 13, 2019  

Post a flight video. That thing is cohool. I'd bet it's a cohowler.

thumbtwiddler   Apr 02, 2019  


kwadkenstine   Apr 02, 2019 

Hi Sounds cool does it have a meaning?

sergetania   Apr 01, 2019  

Not good giving names... But this one is weird!

kwadkenstine   Apr 01, 2019 

just flew it AWESOM

sergetania   Apr 01, 2019 

Better be! 🤣 Who cares how it looks! You don't see it when flying!

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