Kraken 5x purple pearl

By nikitastealth on Dec 05, 2016

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My 1st build of kraken , very clean , irc antenna inside , the power combo ( hobbywing x-rotor esc30A blheli-s ans 2205 2600) is very responsive and had a lot of power quickly .. comes at 282 gr without painting and 285 AUW/lipo with paint+buzzer ,thanks to hobbywing to give me more power and stuff for training ;) components in pics below



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Whiffles   Dec 05, 2016  

How does covering the VTX antenna affect your signal quality? Seems like a great way to protect it if the signal isn't negatively affected.

nikitastealth   Dec 05, 2016 

isn't affected but the only glitchs comes from my quad is when i am at low speed and facing me (camera creates a little wall)

Whiffles   Dec 05, 2016 

So I guess landing might be a bit tricky then.

nikitastealth   Dec 05, 2016 

no just little glitches when facing at low speed when landing but always before landing there is a crash :p

FlyinJerem   Dec 05, 2016  

Such a clean built !

nikitastealth   Dec 05, 2016 

thank you Fj ;)

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