CherryCraft Staccato

By EuthaNasi on Apr 27, 2019

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I've picked up racing over the last couple of months. Visited a lot of indoor tracks during the winter and my other race build has taken a beating over the last few months. So it was time for a new race build the kick off the new outdoor season!

After seeing some pilots fly the CherryCraft Staccato I decided to try it as well. Pretty easy build, once you figure out how the plates and the arms connect it's a quick assembly. There's no manual coming with it so you need to look at the picture on the package. Looks like camera plates aren't part of the set but I was going to use 3D printed cam mount anyway. Parts arent chamfered and the tolerance of the parts is really tight. From time to time I needed to wack it with my plastic hammer (read as: back of my screw driver). All in all a good frame but for the price I expected a liiiiittle bit more. Hope it's as sturdy as it feels on the bench. Arms are 2,5mm so we'll see how it holds in a crash.

The Aikon 20x20mm stack looks really good. Clear manual with both the FC as well with the 4-in-1 ESC. Rubber grommets to softmount everything with M3 steel screws. This thing isn't going anywere! Solder pads are small but that can be expected on a 20x20mm board. R9MM with F.Port worked right away. No fooling around with inversions or stuff like that. Manual says the amperage scale should be 170 but it looks like that's way to low. Still playing with these settings. The TBS Unify Race 2 with MMCX has become my favorite VTX over the past months. Really sturdy and good video together with the Foxeer Lollipop in a compact form. I will never move back to u.fl, pops off from time to time.

There are enough designs on Thingiverse for this frame. Even some designs for the CherryCraft Stamina can be used on this frame. The manufacturer released a cam mount with 45 degree tilt for this frame. That still a little bit to much for me so I used his 40 degree design of the Stamina. Only needs some cutting on the side to make it fit. Make sure you trim it enough or the top plate won't go on anymore. Shark fin should help me with turtle mode. I hope the R9 antenna survives the hits it's about to endure! Racewires combined with LED's for the looks. Really cool that you can set it to 7 different colours with the solder jumpers on the boards.

I will maiden it tomorrow in an indoor race in an old airplane hangar. Curious to see how this type of frame behaves in the corners.
Really looking forward to it!



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Mahagoni   Apr 27, 2019  

Whats the AUW (including straps without battery)?

EuthaNasi   Apr 29, 2019 

Including strap and without LiPo it's 317 grams

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