Birdbrain RC SKEW_R Mk2

By CarbonRain on May 23, 2019

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3 races into the 2019 race season and I'm getting good results with the Morningstar builds, for playing a game of consistency over speed they're excellent since they're crazy tough and difficult to stop short of battery ejection. Unfortunately not all event formats favour the consistent approach though, rewarding one blazing heat rather than 5 good ones. Noticing a lot of the top pilots are now running 6S too, and with my tired 4S packs starting to experience major sag, I figured I'd take the chance to do a new build to see how 6S goes for me. Ordered motors first...then promptly decided at the same time to redesign the SKEW_R from the ground up to make my most powerful quad also my lightest.

The SKEW_R wasn't a massive success - the crossbraces were too weak, the camera wouldn't hold at the right angle, and most annoyingly I lost 2 motors after they came loose in flight and destroyed themselves. Also the layout which left the pod standoffs in line with the middle of the stack left no room for most 4-in-1 ESCs (which stick out at the back with the battery pads). The redesign addressed all of these issues - crossbraces went from 2.5 to 3.5mm carbon, camera went to a fixed 45 degree mount, went to a 4 rather than 2 screw mount for the motors, and reoriented the standoffs from mid stack to corners (I tried every way to avoid copying, but in the end I was forced to imitate the mounting on Andy Shen's Flaco design, there's just no better way I can find). Was originally going with zero motor protection, then later added some little removable extension spikes which should help in a tumble on hard ground. Another little touch, I 3D printed little low profile mounts for the ESC, and integrated an edge cover for the baseplate which should stop battery straps getting cut all the time.

Frame weight is 100g, built it with whatever parts I had knocking around (except the motors obviously). Ended up being a surprisingly clean build, probably won't stay like that for long though!



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kwadkenstine   May 23, 2019  
      • is the plus tune different from x or can the pid controller handle it.
        How does it fly on stock pid ? is what im asking.
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kwadkenstine   May 23, 2019 

4.2 is out mutch better.
thanks for the info

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jun 04, 2019 

... about burnt up a Pro III 1750 KV on the bench.

kwadkenstine   Jun 05, 2019 


Whiffles   May 24, 2019  

Nice photography! What did you use for a backdrop and lighting?

CarbonRain   May 24, 2019 

Thanks very much! I splashed out on one of these, it makes product photography so easy - much easier than my old improvisations such as putting quads in the shower, or making a backdrop with tshirts!

Whiffles   May 24, 2019 

I've got one of those and it works great! I use it with a white backdrop though. What did you use for the black?

CarbonRain   May 24, 2019 

Mine came with black, white, and orange backdrops, haven't found a use for the orange though!

StickyRice   May 24, 2019  

dude i thought that was a 3d render hahahha great photos!! and awesome looking quad too!!

QuadX   May 23, 2019  

Brilliant photography!

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