6S Monster Marmotte

By CiggyTardust on Jul 12, 2019

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After three years off from the hobby, I decided to build a 6S Marmotte. I used to build professionally for Armattan in Taiwan and I'm personal friends with Chris, the owner, so frame choice was easy. It's interesting to see how far components and frame design have come in three short years. Overall the build was a pleasure to complete. I chose the Xing 2208 motors for their reputed power and smoothness... I haven't been disappointed. The "budget" Mamba F405 stack has performed flawlessly so far. Maiden flights went off without a hitch and the video was crystal clear thanks to wiring the camera from the VTX and installing a 1000uf capacitor. I love how clean this build came out. It is a bit heavy coming in at around 700g with GoPro and 1100mah 6S Lipo but in the air it handles the weight just fine. This thing SCREAMS, not sure if it's actually louder than my old 4S rigs or maybe I just remember them being a bit quieter. The only issue I really ran into with this build was finding the right hardware to mount the Mamba Stack in the Marmotte while still clearing the top plate. I settled on the purple aluminum spacers you see, time will tell if that was a wise choice or not.

Edit: I've been having an issue with warm/hot motors on this build that I'm still trying to resolve. While the motors don't come down scalding hot, they are quite warm and verge on hot at times. How hot? Maybe five seconds of pinching them becomes a little uncomfortable. So far I've tried the following with little to no change:

  • Soft-mounting FC on rubber standoffs
  • Betaflight 4.0 and 3.5.7 with little change. Mostly been flying on 3.5.7 due to better performance.
  • Drastically reducing P and D gains to see if it's PID-related, didn't make much of a difference
  • Increased Gyro LPF and Dterm LPF filtering significantly with very little change
  • Checked for motor shorts with multimeter
  • Different props with more/less pitch



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ROCKFPV   18 days ago  

Are you still having hot motors, I'm running the xing 2208 1800kv on one marmotte and xing 2207 1800kv on the other. I'm on the TX gulf coast, it was 98° Friday when I did my maiden, and I could hold a lip to my motors right after landing. Let me know if I can help you get the heat down. I did make some pid changes on 4.0.4. My build info https://rotorbuilds.com/build/19342

CiggyTardust   16 days ago 

Hey man, yes I still have the issue unfortunately. I appreciate your willingness to help! I just got done moving to a new house so I'm a bit swamped with that but plan to continue troubleshooting in the next few weeks. What kind of PID changes did you make and did they help with motor temp?

ROCKFPV   15 days ago 

gyro lowpass filter dynamic min 150
gyro lowpass filter dynamic max 510
filter type biquad
everything else below off

dterm lowpass 1 min 150
dterm lowpass 1 max 250
filter type biquad
everything else below off

roll   41    60    33
pitch  44    70     36
yaw    31    90      0
dmin at defaults
iterm rotation on
iterm relax on set to rpy and gyro
tpa at 1400

Let me know if this helps or not.

Tyger   Jul 19, 2019  

Great build nice and clean. Wondering how you keep the motor wires in the cable from moving side to side?

CiggyTardust   Jul 19, 2019 

You mean the cable sleeves? They stay in place as there isn't really enough slack for them to move anywhere. I had them zip-tied down for a while but it didn't seem necessary.

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 15, 2019  

Yeah... that looks... like you used to build quads for a living! Very clean work I must say. Do you have very small fingers and very good eyesite? I have just the opposite, so I use magnifiers... and hemostats. =]

CiggyTardust   Jul 17, 2019 

Thanks man! I enjoy building as much as flying. From planning the layout to cleaning everything up... it's very satisfying when it all comes together. And no, my fingers aren't particularly small, I'm just a bit OCD at times :)

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Jul 17, 2019 

Yeah.... I agree. It rains here a lot and so if you are gonna be into quads you should like to mock up (a thousand times) and solder (hopefully just once).

jtFPV   Jul 12, 2019  

very nice build!

CiggyTardust   Jul 17, 2019 

Thanks man! I see you're running those monster 2208 motors too on your build. How ya liking em? What's your AUW?

Jodie Froster   Jul 13, 2019  


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