The Marmotte Galaxy

By DeezyFPV on Jun 14, 2019

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Second build, this was built for freestyle, Clean and Simple.

Photos taken throughout the build.




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Demonarchie   Jun 17, 2019  

I recomend to keep motor cables attached to the frame, in case of prop strike. You can just apply some glue in between heat shrink and frame.

QuadX   Jun 14, 2019  

Love the motor/prop combo!

Demonarchie   Jun 17, 2019 

those are gemfan props, it is just a clean prop with print on it from the bottom, nothing good for balance and weight, and from the bottom the proplooks white

CiggyTardust   Jun 17, 2019  

Did you apply some kind of white fluid around the white plugs on the FC? Looks almost like glue.

DeezyFPV   Jun 17, 2019 

Comes on the Hobbywing Xrotor, almost like a silicone...

Whiffles   Jun 16, 2019  

Great photos! I'd work on your soldering though. Do you have a flux pen? Those work great to help the solder flow over the wire. I also feel like you don't have quite enough solder on your pads before you add the wire.

DeezyFPV   Jun 16, 2019 

I definetly need to work on my soldering, I have an old board I need to practice with. My Iron isnt the best. Dont have a flux pen ill look into it. Appreciate the feedback.

Whiffles   Jun 16, 2019 

The trick is to flux the pad and cover all the copper with a ball of solder. Then you just push the wire into the ball with the iron.

mgeeforce   Jun 15, 2019  

Sweet color scheme. Link to the micro camera adapter?

Tyger   Jun 15, 2019  

You need to get the soldering iron much hotter and possibly use some flux as those solder joints are rather messy and could lead to problems. The joints should be nice shiny balls around the joints. Otherwise it's a lovely build.

DeezyFPV   Jun 15, 2019 

agree thx for feedback I am going to reflow the ESC's I need the practice

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