The One Ten

By quad66 on Jul 30, 2019

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Introducing The One Ten; 1S Optimized

This build is and update to The One Twenty, which was my first attempt exploring the limits of 1S performance (

The One Ten, in my opinion, is very dialed in and close to optimal given the available technology.

Frame: 110 mm MTM , 1.5 mm thick, 2.7 gm. This frame will mount both the typical whoop 3 hole motors and the 4 hole 11xx.

FC: Fusion X3 AIO 16 x 16
Unfortunately, this board is getting a little more scarce.

Motors: Happymodel 0803 16000kv or 1102 13500kv
The 0803 are my current favorite performance wise. With the bushing/bearing design they do go rattly and should be though of as somewhat disposable. The 1102 will stay smoother longer and still have a good weight to thrust to effeciency balance.

Camera: I forget but something cheap and light. The best-ish option is probably the Happymodel HCF7 (let's be honest though, they all kind of suck)

Reciever: FRSKY XM

Props: There are several options now for 65 mm press-ons. The King Kong, Pyrodrone Kabab, and Gemfans are the go to for 1 mm shafts while Whocares, Pydrodone Kabab, HQ, and Gemfans are all descent options for 1.5 mm shafts.

Longish discussion on props:

Battery: GNB/RDQ 1S 300 mah LiHV (or GNB 450 mah work well as well)
I prefer the flight feel of the 300 mah but the 450 mah still flies very well if you are looking for an extra minute of flight time 3:30 vs 4:30 of acro.

Weight with 0803s:

Dry weight: 23-24 gm
AUW (with 300 mah): 30-31 gm
AUW (with 450 mah): 36-37 gm

Weight with 1102:

Dry weight: 25-26 gm
AUW (with 300 mah): 32-33 gm
AUW (with 450 mah): 38-39 gm



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Jodie Froster   19 days ago  

Every vtx antenna (and honestly every 5.8ghz, as well as every 2.4ghz) I've ever seen has the signal out connected to the ground, it looks like you have them seperate, am I seeing this right? I admit that i'm a filthy casual when it comes to Rf stuff, I am just learning as I go here, but how does your unattached antenna work? Why are all the ones I have seen connected, if they don't need to be? How can the system work without the signal touching the ground, but also be able to work with them connected?!?!?
Also: I really dig your information dense summary of your three builds, and those quads seem hella cool, nice work

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Jodie Froster   15 days ago 

Fascinating! I think I might build one just to do tricks in the yard, I feel like I have to try out that antenna

thegreen4me   13 days ago 

did you tune the length of that ballun or just measure it out?

quad66   2 days ago 

I just measured it. I haven't researched how to go about tuning it but that could be beneficial.

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