YKS Aircrafts Cheetah 6"

By yksaircrafts on Jan 08, 2017

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Prototype of YKS Aircrafts cheetah 6"
Vertical arms for less carbon surface under the prop, and reduce drag.
YKS Aircrafts is made by racers for racers. Innovative design, made with aerodynamics in mind. We want you to reach crazy speeds and win races.



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yksaircrafts   Jan 18, 2017  

Whiffles   Jan 09, 2017  

That's quite a unique frame. I wonder if those wires slits in the arms will create a weakness. I'm also a little concerned about the VTX being out in the open like that.

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dirtdiver   Jan 09, 2017 

Yeah, that was basically my question: How do you think it'll hold up! But you seem to be doing some work on it and she's managing well :)

yksaircrafts   Jan 09, 2017 

Every frame can break, but for the moment everything is fine, some videos are coming !

Mayday_Mayhem   Jan 09, 2017  

Very interesting design. What is the weight of the frame?

yksaircrafts   Jan 09, 2017 

The frame is about 110g. It's not light but not so bad for a 6" 4mm frame. I'm working on a 5" race frame with the same design idea wich should weight arround 60g.

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