The Sanchez 4K (the anti cinewhoop)

By Dave_C FPV on Aug 15, 2019

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My "HD Toothpicks" have gone through several iterations now and this one is by far the most promissing in my opinion.
The HGLRC Zeugs is a quite old AIO that solved one of the main issues I had: All split type cams have 20x20 mounts and the usual toothpick boards
are all 16x16 or 25.4x25.4. With the HGLRC I finally got rid of adapters and could mount the two Caddx Tarsier boards on the same stack screws.
This way the stack is quite low although I have integrate three boards. The result is quite heavy with because of the 1404 6000kV DYS motors, but on 3S they do more than compensate for the extra weight!
By the way, the new HQ T3x2 props are incredibly good!

Youtube video with flight footage:



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Chalcedony   Jan 04, 2020  

please who can help me out, im a noobie, is there a video guide to building this quad please

trend.ab   Oct 25, 2019  

Hi Dave - I am in the process of building this quad, thank you for the design. I had the canopy printed in Nylon, but I can't get the camera in. How did you do that? Did you take the lenses off? Thanks!

trend.ab   Oct 25, 2019 

Ohh, just noticed you used the Tarsier. I have a runcam hybrid... and herein lies the problem...

Igi87   Sep 09, 2019  

Hi Dave, saw your Youtube Video yesterday about your Micro 2" Build. I agre with the props, but I think if you woud give a little bit more room betwene the props, maybe a little bit a biger frame, than it would fly amazing :D
if builded a micro 2" too this weekend

MTopp   Sep 02, 2019  

Does the tarsier survive multiple crashes? I heard that was an issue with some of the split cameras.

Elesar   Aug 31, 2019  

Very nice design!! Thank you for sharing it. Have you try 2s around 450mah?

Offset   Aug 30, 2019  

beautiful build mate, wow!

HK-AERIAL VTOL   Aug 15, 2019  

Dang!... Its all stack!

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