1s Toothpick (27.3g) - Exploring the limits of 1s

By alwaysbless on Aug 15, 2019

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Wanted to push the limits of 1s by building an ultralight 2.5" micro using the HM EX1102 Motors (13500kv) and 65mm props. This thing only weighs 27.3g total and gets about 5 min of mixed flying with a 1s 450mah battery. My previous 1s tinyshark build for comparisons sake used 2" props, 10000kv motors, weighed over 43grams and flew for about 3min a pack. This thing is insane as far as how agile and efficient it is for a 1s build.

V2 Build @ https://rotorbuilds.com/build/20900

Awesome thread on RCgroups discussing 65mm 1s builds @ https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?3288439-Maximizing-1S-Performance



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New2FPV   Nov 01, 2019  

I love your build and want to duplicate it. The Taco-rc store says, "NOTE: this frame does not fit 1102/070x/080x motor", . Can you confirm that you are using 1102 motors as shown in your build list and let me know if you had to modify the frame for the motors to fit? Thanks in advance!

alwaysbless   Nov 04, 2019 

There are two version of the frame. One does support 1102 motors so thats the one you want to get. From what I can see right now though its out of stock on the website. http://taco-rc.com/ledroneclub-pickle-mini-fpv-frame-kit-for-1102-070x-080x-motor-tiny-whoop-frame-betafpv-toothpick/

New2FPV   Nov 04, 2019 

Awesome, thanks!

ArcherFPV   Sep 07, 2019  

now thats a little 1s monster. i likes

nopa   Aug 22, 2019  

Great build but i would like to use 10000kv 1103, it will work or burn Crazybee F4 Pro (mobula7-0803 motors) on 1s with jst connector+65mm 2 blade?

alwaysbless   Aug 22, 2019 

Yea should defintely work. I have an order in for the 1103 12000kvs imma be trying those out soon myself.

nopa   Aug 24, 2019 

Well it works but feels like no power, what are your pids?
Edit:weight is 31g w/o battery so it should be fine. What about throttle limit?

MrElevator   Aug 16, 2019  

Great to see someone explore the extremities in the lightweight side, I like the trend of lightweight getting more popular.
What do you think, could you get some more power out of the quad if you changed the stock battery connector to something else?
XT30 for this super lightweight seems extreme as it weighs approx. 1.9 grams(amass). What about 2 pairs of gilded 2mm bullet connectors, they would weigh about 1.1 grams? Though I guess some heatshrink has to be calculated in for these 2mm bullets.

alwaysbless   Aug 16, 2019 

I'm not sure how many amps its drawing tbh so I'm not sure of the jst is maxing out but let's say it were and there was some extra current to be had. I would probably change to a micro Dean's connector before xt30 since its lighter and can do up to near 20a which is what the crazybee f3 will max at. I'd also change props to some triblade German 2540s or maybe even try going up to light weight 3" props like hq t3x2.

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