1s Toothpick v2 - Exploring the limits of 1s Cont..

By alwaysbless on Nov 23, 2019

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Wasnt planning on sharing this initially because I feel like Im already planning a v3 but this thing really flies amazing and its a huge upgrade compared to the v1 1S Toothpick I built previously.

V3 Build @ https://rotorbuilds.com/build/21585

Changes In v2:

1) Ditched the Crazybee F3 board due to a bad 5v regulator and upgraded to the new BetaFPV 1S diamond shaped board.
2) Upgraded to a standalone cam/vtx setup from the AIO. Turned out to be the same weight but allows for 100mW transmission power, smart audio and the antenna is no longer in a vulnerable position (which means no more replacing).
3) Upgraded to EX1103 12000kv motors. These are much more powerful then the 1102s on the low end of the throttle and have similiar top end speeds.
4) Upgraded from Bi-blades to Gemfan Tri Blade 2504s. WAY MORE thrust and still whisper quiet.
5) Upgraded to a Powerwhoop connector from the stock folded pin 1S connector

Things to look out for:

1) Depinning and direct soldering moters to this FC is not for the faint of heart. Be prepared.
2) Ive had this FC reset on me 3x when plugging in a new battery and each time it requires that I totally reconfigure it in betaflight.
3) The integrated Frsky RX on this Betafpv board is SHIT use an external rx.
4) Higher power motors and bigger props eat at the battery life. Id recommend a minimum of 520mah 1s batteries which on average get me about 3.5min of ripping around

Here she goes in her current state



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jnguy101   May 10, 2020  

Do you think the crazybee went bad because of how many amps you were drawing? i was considering that build with the bee f3

Conair7   Nov 30, 2019  

try the gemfan 3018 tri blades on fpvcycle.com they only weigh a gram each compared to the hq 3x3x3 which weigh 1.5 each. and add about 60 seconds for flight time

alwaysbless   Dec 01, 2019 

This is a 2.5" build not 3". If I ever decide to go 3" I might check em out.

yoodog   Mar 24, 2020 

what flight time you get and on wich battery? :) also what is AUW of v3 with that battery?

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