Gutterbug 85

By daich on Sep 06, 2019

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7 September 2019
I usually add edits at the bottom but i just want people to read this.
The shutterbug formula is AWESOME. If it wasn't for the shadow of the toothpick craze the shutterbug would be the current hype. It is super well behaved flier. motor size and KV and prop size are a PERFECT match for this weight. meaning it is power yet efficient. If you're looking to build an outdoor whoop, do look into a shutterbug!

after seeing the shutterbugs in IGOW kill it with the entries (i was struggling with my brushed and hacked 2s whoop) i decided to make something similar with spare parts i had. i just had to buy the beta85x frame which is actually a very nice frame
could do with lighter motors but lets see how well these parts bin motors will do first!
The FC is a crazy cheap $20 that looks a bit suspect with a diode stacked on top of the capacitors. looks like it works though as it passed the living room hover.
recycled the old mobula7 canopy and aio cam that was disassembled for a toothpick. receiver is an un-named diversity dsmx

more raw dvr (mute!)



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otterprince   Sep 06, 2019  

I have had those motors for ages and always was afraid to put them on 6A or less esc-s. Does the 5A AIO stuff hol up?

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Primer_FPV   Sep 07, 2019 

Im running 1104 9000kv on 3" biblades on a crazybee f3 pro(5a escs) . Haven't had any issues at full send on 2s on 95 degree days.

daich   May 14, 2020 

Turns out the stator on these motors are 3.5mm so it's actually a 1103.5 motor, kind of makes sense with the weight

otterprince   May 15, 2020 

Cool, which also explains the relaively linear throttle feel (compared to high kv 1103s)

pjquad   Jan 26, 2020  

Hey still flying this thing ? Curious to know how the FC and ECS did on 2s

daich   Jan 27, 2020 

canopy and cam are smashed and need repair. motors and FC still going strong!

pjquad   Jan 27, 2020 

awesome :} Might pick up that FC if its not junk then

daich   Jan 30, 2020 

yeah they are cheap as chips and my one works decent. I wouldnt go bigger than 2" props on motors over 8000kv though.

Tmistretta89   Dec 18, 2019  

How did that flight controller hold up?
i have a 1s toothpick built with the jmt play and its been a blast to fly but today one of tge motors got stuck and then everything went dead motor wise. I think the control might be toast? To much amps from a stuck motor?

daich   Dec 18, 2019 

still flying great! must have gone through over hundred packs on it, all on 2s.
Everything went dead? like no LEDs? any response on computer over USB?

Tmistretta89   Dec 18, 2019 

led are going on and everything seens to function but no motors spinning at all since the last time i flew and landed it.
I work up in the mountains so i have had access to my computer to mess with it in betaflight yet

daich   Dec 19, 2019 

if all motors arent spinning most likely it isnt an esc or motor problem. maybe an arming issue? maybe you need to set arm angle to 180? throttle all the way doen? do the leds blink differently when you try to arm?

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