HD Squirt V2

By M490fpv on Sep 22, 2019

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Made a complete rebuild to my Squirt V2.
My original build was having some issues with fpv feed, as well with some twitching issues. Now I changed practically everything, except the frame.
Wanted to add the HD quality fpv system to really see where I'm flying, so I designed the mounts to fit DJI fpv parts in.
Cam Mounts, air unit mount and antenna mount: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3871212
Adjustable GoPro mount (not my design): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3564993

Printed all parts using Sainsmart tpu. It just looks SO GOOD! :)
I used larger1608 3200kv motors to compensate the added weight. These motors use M3 screws, so I had to drill the motor mount holes bigger.
Also printed some soft mounts to avoid any motor vibrations.
Weight without GoPro and lipo is now 368g. Will have some test flights soon to see how it flies now.
I really like the looks!! :)



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DareSalcano   Jan 13, 2020  

Did you install a external BEC? or how did you manage for the Air unit itself not to get static images.

kwadkenstine   Jan 13, 2020 

If i may answer, the air unit has good filtering I connect mine straight to 4s no cap no static

M490fpv   Jan 13, 2020 

thank you. i didn't notice this comment earlier. i also connect straight to 4S when not using 5-6S. i use the cap in esc. don't know if it helps anything, but as @kwadkenstine stated dji has good filtering 👍

DareSalcano   Jan 13, 2020 

Thanks to the both of you, appreciate it a lot.

Briefly Flying FPV   Sep 22, 2019  

Awesome build dude! Looks awesome. What issues were you having with FPV feed and the yaw? I'm having some myself and trying to figure it out.

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ThumbzFPV   Sep 24, 2019 

Check out Quad Standard Labs tunes for the Squirt

Briefly Flying FPV   Sep 24, 2019 

Just tried them out! Flys great with much more authority and less whobbly! Thanks dude!

thumbtwiddler   Sep 22, 2019  

this is seriously one of the coolest cinewhoop/squirt builds I've seen in a while

M490fpv   Sep 22, 2019 

Thank you so much!! 😃

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