By kwadkenstine on Sep 28, 2019

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First i have to say THANk YOU STICKY RICE for the hard work you did designing this frame.
I hope you like it.
This is a prototype, Its still raw.I could not stop myself , after thinking along these lines for some tome , When i saw the original ,I just had to dust off the old printer and have a go.I instantly saw prospects and honestly my cad skills arent there yet. SO i RIPPED IT OFF lol.
As it stands i have only scailed up the original files to fit the arrow shafts i had.
the motor mount / heatsink / vibration damper , is a work in progress , it can be lighter and neater .
but so far its under 650g. with battery.
I was aiming for it to be big enough to run 4 , 5 ,6 and 7" props but the wires were too short for 7 , and i was not going add 10 mm to every motor wire. so 4 , 5 and 6 props. 4" would be for very specific sits, small parks tight pathways etc.
This is not meant to be a racer or a styler or a woper whooper or even a Spielburg,
It is still evolving. I hope to free myself from ever buying chinacarb again.
Braking an arm and just cutting another or smashing a motor mount and printing another really calls to me.
I live 550k from the closest fpv club and a 150k round trip to the next town , they have 3 horses!!!
What should i care its a bit porkey
Revisions and improvements.
Run motor wired inside arms.
Camera some twin cam setup when vendors get it right.
Lighter hardware on motor mounts.
2 part body and arm ends to clamp the rods rather than gluing in.
Add braces front and rear .
And a whole bunch of other stuff.
If Sticky Rice Isnt too insulted by what i have done to his baby i hope he comments.



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thumbtwiddler   Sep 28, 2019  

what's that lizard's name?

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kwadkenstine   Oct 01, 2019 

Im in midwest western australia about 50 k north of a town called Geraldton, big country big open sky

sergetania   Oct 02, 2019 

I bet the sky is big there! Sweet! I can't even see stars near Philadelphia, just city lights!
Cutest lizards 🦎!

kwadkenstine   Oct 02, 2019 

The lizards (bobtails) were living where i wanted to build my house 17 years ago.
Hibernaiting under some old roofing iron, so i gently moved them for the winter, but they came back and shifted in, as if there was no house !!!! They own the place.

StickyRice   Oct 01, 2019  

DUDEEE THIS IS SOO COOLLL!!!! Insulted? more like impressed!!! tbh man this really is a whole new level of awesomeness! i didnt even think this was possible! goodjob!! post some flight vids, i wanna see how she flies!

kwadkenstine   Oct 01, 2019 

Thanks man really means a loooot .
There are a few little issues but really it fell together better than stuff i have paid for.
If you are ever in west australia , please look me up
Id like to pay you back somehow.
Cheers Nathan

StickyRice   Oct 02, 2019 

awwww sorry but I live in south east asia, Philippines hahahahah. No need to repay anyways, I'm just glad people enjoy what i got to design last summer!! i guess just wish me luck because im about to take college entrance exams!! -Paolo

Magus_fpv   Oct 01, 2019  

What filament did you print it in? Looks great!

kwadkenstine   Oct 01, 2019 

cheapest pla i could find

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