Phoenix X210S

By adroc on Jan 30, 2017

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Phoenix X210S rocket with Emax RS2205S 2300KV Racing Edition Brushess Motors and Infinity 4S 1500mAh 70C LiPo Battery



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Oscarem296   Mar 10, 2017  

How well does the battery works? Lot of punch or not?

adroc   Mar 10, 2017 

So far so good and have a good amount of punch.

Sky   Feb 26, 2017  

Do you have any idea what she weighs without a battery?

Whiffles   Jan 30, 2017  

You've got 16 motors priced out there :) The motor quantity defaults to 4, so you'll probably want to edit that. Are you running dshot600? I got a slightly older version of those ESCs and they'll only run up to dshot150.

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Whiffles   Jan 30, 2017 

Excellent. Now can you configure the OSD via Betaflight?

adroc   Jan 30, 2017 

Im not sure about that, just setup the motors and RX in betaflight last night. I will let you know tonight after I get home and complete the setup.

adroc   Jan 31, 2017 

No go on the OSD. Looks like my FC is not compatible.

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