Catalyst Machineworks SlamNasty HD

By Jayembee67 on Oct 14, 2019

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This is all @M490fpv 's fault. So I decided to see whether I too could get a DJI FPV System Air Unit into the SlamNasty 5" frame. And, after a good deal of time in TinkerCAD, and printing a not insignificant number of versions of things, I have indeed got a hovering, HD-transmitting quad squeezed into the SlamNasty. I'll have to wait until next weekend to see if it really flies though, but early signs are positive.

It was an interesting challenge that seems to have worked out quite well. It's a compact little ball of potential energy, and definitely a good looking frame, even though it is now oddly bloated with HD kit. I have hopes...

UPDATE 2019-10-17
I got to sneak out first thing before work and put a couple of packs through this build. And apparently it flies fairly well, although I was still tired, and this is an unfamiliar machine, so I wasn't trying too hard. But all the same, I am pretty sure this is working out just fine.



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denbleyg   Jan 21, 2020  

I just build one. Thanks for the inspiration.

Jayembee67   Jan 21, 2020 

Oh! Most excellent! I am very flattered. :-D And this looks great, so clean. Please post more photos and the full Bill of Materials! So how do you like it? I absolutely love mine, it's my favourite acro build; I can really throw it around and it takes it all in its stride, and yet it's fast and stable in the straights. The frame geometry is great.

denbleyg   Jan 22, 2020 

i'll try to make time to make a build list on this site. It's good, my pid tunes need work, i still get a lot of prop wash on sharp turns but over all it's my fav. It was worth gutting the geprc 5" to build this one.

denbleyg   Nov 13, 2019  

Now that you've had it a good while. Any tweaks/changes you would make? I'm getting the same frame with dji and was going to run the brother hobby avenger 2806.5 1300kv

Jayembee67   Nov 13, 2019 

So no, not really, this is perhaps the best of the HD builds I have done, it flies really well and with an agressive precision. I did print new rear standoff covers that have little lugs that keep the Air Unit MMCX connectors pressed in (see the last photo), which was a good idea, but othere than that, this has worked out really well.

As for 2806 motors, I think those might be a little bit too much, although I have only recently graduated from 4S to 5S so maybe these would be OK with 6S? But usually motors that big are intended for 6" or 7" props on mid-to-long range machines, not 5" racers. Personally I would stick to 2306 or thereabouts, but as I say, I'm not a 6S flyer so I may not know what I am talking about here (which is very often the case).

And as for the various TPU bits and pieces, I posted them to Thingiverse, you can find them here:, If nothing else, you can use them as a basis for your own parts!

denbleyg   Jan 04, 2020 

Good point, i was thinking of a 7" build when i mentioned 2806 motors. I appreciate the feedback. What was the final weight with dji setup?

adroc   Oct 28, 2019  

I love this build. Great job!

Jayembee67   Oct 29, 2019 

Thank you! I cannot deny that it came out better than I had hoped. Flies like a demon too.

LampFPV   Oct 16, 2019  

this is awesome, great pics. thanks for sharing, ill be doing a similar build with a Floss 2.1

Jayembee67   Oct 17, 2019 

Thank you! And yes, do it! With a bit of effort you can get this DJI kit into a surprising range of frames.

Yinka_Brasil   Oct 16, 2019  

Looks sick!!! Good work!

Jayembee67   Oct 17, 2019 

Thank you!

M490fpv   Oct 15, 2019  

Very nice!!! 😃👍 I thought I was the only crazy around 😁

Jayembee67   Oct 15, 2019 

Ha! Yes, apparently your craziness is inspiring!

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