SlamNasty 5" Inch DJI

By MotoRotor on May 31, 2020

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Drew inspiration from Jayembee67's build ( He did a fantastic job with the 3D designs to fit the DJI Air Unit. This is definitely one of my favorite builds and it looks sick! It flys super fast and responsive, probably too fast for my skill level. I might have to bump down the motor limit so that I can control it for now. LOL :)



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Jayembee67   Jun 01, 2020  

Excellent stuff, lovely build. And that red and white colour scheme is sharp, goes nicely with the silvery white of the DJI parts! It's a great frame, isn't it?

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bugsysiegals   Jun 26, 2020 

I just sold my Phantom 3 Pro yesterday that I never used but took some photos of my moms house for the day she decides to sell it. Being able to let go of the controls and the Phantom to stay in 1 spot was rather nice ... while these quads cameras point upwards and do not have motorized gimbals I did wonder if there's any usefulness to hovering in place ... perhaps to hover at specific height and location and then do rolls, etc. That said, does adding GPS to these quads allow you to hover in place and let go of controls?

MotoRotor   Jun 27, 2020 

Yeah, i have a Mavic Pro I am going to sell too. I don't film enough stationary photos/videos. When filming with an FPV quad I think your approach to filming has to more stationary pics/vids.

regarding hover in place with GPS - I think there are people whom have done that and also used a bottom facing camera to help with stationary flight positioning but I have no experience with that. SlamNasty is already a tight build, don't think you'd be able to fit all that gear. Build it and go fly it first, worry about that stuff later.

bugsysiegals   Jun 27, 2020 

Absolutely, just waiting on my Air Unit which is saying in delay, and batteries ... can't wait to try it out.

bugsysiegals   Jun 14, 2020  

This is absolutely sick! How bad are the props in the camera view?

MotoRotor   Jun 14, 2020 

Check out Jayembee67's video here (

bugsysiegals   Jun 14, 2020 

I'm not sure if it's the color of prop or not but they're honestly not that distracting to me. And I suspect anybody who wanted to take some serious footage would only use the DJI camera for flying and a camera up top for recording which I'd think wouldn't have props in view...

MotoRotor   Jun 14, 2020 

Yeah, doesn't bother me at all.

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