5" emoHDia (DJI digital)

By baze_fpv on Oct 17, 2019

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I wanted to reuse my existing emodia frame and build it with DJI Digital FPV system.

I painted the frame all white and used black as the other main color. Also added few red wires highlighting the motor and power wires.

I would have liked to make this build a bit slimmer but DJI camera forced me to use quite tall standoffs.
Really like how this black-and-white build turned out. It looks good and DJI Digital FPV is really good!!!

Custom 3D parts created for this build:

  • DJI antenna mount that fits Emodia frames antenna slot.
  • Camera mounts
  • DJI Air Unit mount that ensures air flow underneath the unit to to keep it cool.

3D parts can be found here https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4078083



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haskabab   Jan 01, 2020  

Hey! I love your quad design and I'm rebuilding it. Got all the parts except for the 3d printed parts. Got myself a 3d printer but I suck at designing stuff at the moment. Would it be possible for you to share your .stl files? Would be greatly appreciated! You can email them to verheijen.webdevelopment@gmail.com if you want ofcourse.

baze_fpv   Jan 01, 2020 

Sure. Added the parts into Thingiverse and updated the build description. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4078083

haskabab   Jan 01, 2020 

Wow awesome! Thanks so much, also for the fast reply. Happy 2020! :D

T0mPi   Oct 18, 2019  

How you paint it? Last time I tired it with acryl paint and it is runs off..

baze_fpv   Oct 18, 2019 

Just used normal rattle-can spray paint. (I think its solvent based so it sticks well and dries fast but not sure if its acrylic. I'll need to check that.).
Have also used spray paint cans in previous buils with success:

They are all holding their colors really well and colors don't peel off.

T0mPi   Oct 18, 2019 

Well, I'll try again.. All of them looks great!

M490fpv   Oct 18, 2019  

I really like the colors now! WOW!

baze_fpv   Oct 18, 2019 

Thanks :+1: .

Jayembee67   Oct 17, 2019  

This is gorgeous.

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