Naked GoPro 85x cinewhoop

By cooties on Nov 29, 2019

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Another naked hero6 whoop! Most of the details are in the thingiverse link. This one weighs 83.3g without a battery. It's a pig on a 650mah 3s, flies GREAT on a 450mah 3s. quick, but maybe 3-4 minutes flight time. The ND filter holder is 5.9 grams INCLUDING the ND filter (link on thingiverse). So add 5.9g to 83.3 and you have total weight WITH an ND filter - you can do the math.

video soon.



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StickyRice   Dec 02, 2019  

i love your use of the LED slot at the back :D you got to use it as the camera holder...veryy niceee and impressed by good sir hahhaha

cooties   Dec 05, 2019 

yeah it was there I figured why not!

drewbagel423   May 10, 2020 

Do you have a thingiverse link for those mounts?

cooties   May 10, 2020 

it's in the description. But v2 is the better build. check all my builds for v2.

Pimpmykwad   Dec 24, 2019  

How do you turn on/off and record? I imagine you strip out the bluetooth module? do you need to reconnect the screen to record ?? again, really great stuff!! I saw a lot of naked gopro....but never in such a clean way! brilliant! all other build are hot glued and strapped like hell ^_^

cooties   Dec 24, 2019 

see the ribbon cable in the back? you can either buy it separately or remove it from the case.  easiest way.  there is a way to use wireless but I have trouble with it.

cooties   Dec 24, 2019 
Pimpmykwad   Dec 19, 2019  

such an amazing work !!!!! Well done!!! really need one of this little shit!!!!! ;-)

newtrojan   Dec 10, 2019  

Any video to strip the go pro session

cooties   Dec 11, 2019 

thumbtwiddler   Nov 30, 2019  

I've always wanted to build a super tiny quad with a stripped gopro, what would you recommend?

cooties   Nov 30, 2019 

theres this group.  a few choices now...but I  like the 85x.

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