By kirkdis on Dec 12, 2019

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This is an old design. Started 2016 - finalized in 2017 and tested on a trip in the Philippines in January 2018.
A combination of carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium screws. the whole setup was at this time below 250gr and flying like a charm. The only issue were the vertical arms. The carbon fibre broke after a few crashes. Nevertheless I wanted to share this setup and design which by the way lead to my latest creation the Super 135 teardrop

As this was one of 5 mature prototypes I will not share any parts as it won´t make sense. Used electronics are so 2017ish...

more information as usual on my blog:



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StickyRice   Dec 13, 2019  

Omg did you have fun in the philippines XD (sana masaya ang iyong pagbisita dito :D)

StickyRice   Dec 13, 2019 

alsooooo i amm very impressed with those arms and vertical plates. Seems lighter than how it looks!

kirkdis   Dec 14, 2019 

Yes, for sure. Philippines is always fun! The whole frame is designed in a complete different way at this time. Saw a few similar designs recently but it is still unique. Most interesting feature was the acceleration. The vertical arms are not only slim with reduced flow resistance, the arms in addition reduce turbulences which results in better efficiency. Nevertheless the front arm broke a few times and due to the fact that the wires are hidden in the front arm carbon plate it was complicated to produce. I want to resurrect this design and add some 3D printed parts to strenghten it but I am occupied with another project for now.

StickyRice   Dec 14, 2019 

cool cool goodluck in your projects!!!

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