By Miyagi on Jan 20, 2017

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For a very long time I have been a fan of these frames.
I remember when Armattan started.
I built this kit because, I wanted a strong and smooth flying ship that was bulletproof.
I think I have accomplished that.
350 grams very close to what I figured it would be.
Will post videos later!


Part List


F1-4B Frame (4mm/2204)

Flight Controller

PyroDrone HyperLite F4 Flight Controller (16 builds)


4 x 30A RACERBee PRO ESC BLHELI-(ONESHOT) (MuiltShot option) (7 builds)


2 x Turnigy D2205-2600KV 28g Brushless Motor CCW (3 builds)


2 x Turnigy D2205-2600KV 28g Brushless Motor CW

FPV Camera

Foxeer ARROW Camera with OSD (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 HV - Race (SMA) (548 builds)


TBS Triumph SMA (RHCP 2pcs) (542 builds)


Spektrum Quad Race Serial Receiver w/telemetry (2 builds)


PULSE Graphene 1350mAh 4S 14.8V 95C Battery w / XT60 (2 builds)

Power Distribution

Armattan Mini PDB V2

Misc Parts

Armattan F1 LED

Misc Parts

F1 FPV Camera Plate V4
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The Lightning Stalker   Jan 23, 2017  

How munch is too munch

Miyagi   Jan 23, 2017 

Munch is a great name.

If you know where I got it from I will send you a set of props for this ship!

Landshark77   Jan 20, 2017  

Can you use BLHeli_S with those racer bee escs?

Landshark77   Jan 21, 2017 

cool ended up ordering some, thanks

Whiffles   Jan 20, 2017  

How well does Spektrum implement the telemetry? Does it give you real time spoken RSSI and vbat?

Miyagi   Jan 20, 2017 

I don't have the vbat hooked up thru the flight controller.
I have it connected thru the RX.
I have mine so it starts beeping at below 40%.
The rx send direct voltage to the DX6.
It can warm me of voltage at different intervals.

Whiffles   Jan 20, 2017 

Will it speak or does it only beep? Will it also report RSSI back? I'm interested in that RX, but the price is a bit of a turnoff. I'm also running a DX6.

Miyagi   Jan 21, 2017 

It speaks!

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