Glide 5" - Ultimate Freestyle Build

By Will FPV on Jan 21, 2020

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Glide 5" build parts description:
This is my primary freestyle setup that I use on a daily basis. In my opinion, the parts used in this build are the best value, and performance. As a 13 year old, price is crucial. I think you cannot beat a build of such quality under $400. The “glide” frame is designed by KababFPV, and when bought from his store offers amazing quality. The flight controller used in this build is the BrainFPV RadixLI, which is seriously no joke. The 20x20 mounting pattern on the Radix results in a very small, and lightweight package. The ESC used is the Aikon AK32 35 amp board. You may think 35 amps isn't enough power output, but you are mistaken - I have been using this for months on 4S and I recently started using it on 6S and it has been bullet proof without a single issue or failure. With clean power and limited noise, this ESC performs exceptionally well. I am also using the JohnnyFPV 2207 1750Kv motors in this build. These motors may be the more expensive portion of this build, but they are well worth the price! They perform incredibly on 6S with huge amounts of punch, still with excellent throttle control. This motor is very smooth, and is just what a freestyle pilot is looking for. Paired with the Azure Johnny propeller, this quad is incredibly smooth, very powerful, and has excellent stick feel. I have been using the Foxeer Predator V4 for a long time now, and I strongly recommend it to anyone else, freestyle or racer. The resolution and image detail is unbeatable. The colors are vibrant, the light handling is great, and the form factor is small, and lightweight. The VTX I've been using for years is the TBS Unify Pro 5V V3. The reason why I use the 5 volt version is because it offers clean power, and is smaller. With up to 800mw of power output, the video signal on this VTX is simply perfect. I have confidence to fly further away from myself without losing video. It also makes flying with friends a breeze with the smart audio feature, allowing the user to change channels using the OSD menu. Pair this with the Lumenier AXII micro antenna, and get superior signal and very low weight. As a Taranis user, I've gone with the R-XSR receiver as it is small, lightweight, and supports full telemetry functionality. With the parts chosen, your ready to build this beast! Have fun!

Important side note:
The 5 volt version of the TBS Unify doesn't work with the 5 volt regular on the RadixLI. Don't worry though, there's a workaround. Instead, power the Unify with the 5 volt output on the ESC. You can find the 5 volt output source located on the ESC to FC connector on the AK32 board. Simply attach the 5 volt wire on the unify to the 5 volt wire on the ESC's wiring harness. For the ground wire, you can really use whatever clean ground source you want. I use one of the ground pads on the Radix. I've been wiring the VTX in this manner for months now and I haven't had any issues. If your confused on what to do, feel free to use the diagram down below.



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KuriOSS   Jan 23, 2020  

It's looking cool! i agree with your writing. 5inch normal frame 6s 2207 1860kv 35A 4in1 esc (holybro). it's perfectly working well without issue for over 3 months. I'd like to order that frame but It's always soldout. lol

Will FPV   Jan 23, 2020 

Thanks! Yeah the frame has been out for a while, but I think kabab said a new batch is coming soon.

thumbtwiddler   Jan 22, 2020  

Being a broke kid too I respect the bang for your buck needs lol. What's your current camera angle? Looks around 15-ish degrees

Will FPV   Jan 22, 2020 

yeah I fly around 10-15

Will FPV   Jan 22, 2020 

I'm pretty into the johnny/vannover juicy flying style

thumbtwiddler   Jan 23, 2020 

Same! I've only gone as low as 15 degrees but I usually fly 20

Tyrdle   Jan 21, 2020  

very juice

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