Kiss'd AstroX5 (210)

By mrwhit08 on Jan 24, 2017

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I loved the build design on the AstroX5 as well as the blue risers. Wanting to build a full Kiss build, I decided to do 24a with telemetry transmitted back to my Taranis with audible alarms/alerts. All of the extra wires were a bit tedious but really just a repetitive process. As for OSD I am simply using the Arrow v2 built in for VFas/VSen. One additional part not listed on here I used is the GoPro 170deg lens replacement for $13. This makes a world of difference surprisingly on view-ability and clarity compared to any of the stock lens. Now that the Monster is out, I'll likely swap for it in the near future. Enjoy!


Part List


AstroX5 FPV Racing Frame

Flight Controller

KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller V1.03 (180 builds)


4 x KISS ESC 2-5S 24A race edition - 32bit brushless motor ctrl (122 builds)


4 x ZMX Fusion X20 2205-2522KV (7 builds)


DAL T5045 BN Tri-Blade Bullnose (11 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer Arrow V2 FPV Camera w/ OSD (2.5mm lens) (6 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS Unify Pro 5G8 V3 (SMA) (150 builds)


TBS Triumph SMA (RHCP 2pcs) (542 builds)


FrSky X4R-SB - 3/16 Channel Receiver w/ SBUS (52 builds)


BONKA POWER 1300MAH 4S 80C GRAPHENE XT-60 (6 builds)
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Whiffles   Jan 24, 2017  

Is that red tape for soft mounting the motors?

mrwhit08   Jan 25, 2017 

3m extreme double sided tape, I just hadn't removed the backer/peel-a-way part yet.

Whiffles   Jan 25, 2017 

I haven't jumped aboard the soft mount train yet, but it can't hurt I guess. JBard seems to have confirmed that it helps.

PepeLePew   Jan 26, 2017 

I recently did the Josh B thing on one of my 5 inch builds. I had some vibes coming from somewhere and I flat just couldn't tune them out. I did the mod and I would say that over 90% of the vibes are gone and for the most part I should really just say... they are gone.

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