Daya H4 680 rebuild

By cjdavies on Feb 18, 2020

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After my good experiences using Arducopter on miniquad flight controllers in my Everycopter Y6 & flat hex, I decided to rebuild my 680 quad by ripping out its Pixhawk & replacing it with another Matek F405 STD. The space saving meant that I could fit everything (except the GPS) between the main body plates, resulting in a much neater build that's also more flexible & easier to use as I can just strap batteries to the body on top like a miniquad.

I also took the opportunity to swap the arms front/back, because they were backwards before. The way that I originally wired the motors means the arms no longer close all the way, but it's good enough.

I ditched the FPV gear as I never used it. I have a FPV pod I can strap on if a live video feed is really required. All flight data I might need (battery, number of satellites, etc.) comes down via SmartPort telemetry to Flight Deck, so OSD is superfluous.

Not my neatest build, but I'm beginning to accept that I have too many projects on the go these days to strive for perfection in everything!

See my previous build here -->


Part List


DAYA 680 New 3K Carbon Frame
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Flight Controller

Matek F405 STD F4 BetaFlight Flight Controller (3 builds)


4 x XRotor 40A ESC COB - HOBBYWING North America (2 builds)


4 x T-motor Official store
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FrSky R9MM Long Range 915MHz RC Receiver - Get Yours Today! - RMRC (107 builds)

Power Distribution

Matek FCHUB-A w/ Current Sensor 120A & 200A Range, No BEC (3 builds)
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gatechuks   Feb 19, 2020  

Besides the obvious given the 360 camera, what do you use this quad for?

cjdavies   Feb 19, 2020 

Honestly? Not much. I just enjoy building things.

gatechuks   Feb 19, 2020 

I'm right with you, this hobby is addicting.

sivads   Feb 18, 2020  

Nice and clean -- love it!!

cjdavies   Feb 18, 2020 

I've gotta say, it seems like a way more practical build now it has the whole top plate 'clean' for strapping stuff to!

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