By Lumpydonut on Jan 30, 2017

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First KISS FC and top mount build, turned out pretty clean with 4 in 1 and stackable vtx. Forgot to order a nice stubby antenna so I threw an old trusty triumph on, may swap to something more aesthetically pleasing later.


Part List


Corgette (10 builds)

Flight Controller

Kiss Flight Controller - V1.03 (latest version) (4 builds)


Cicada 4-in-1 35a BLHeli_S BB2 Chip All-in-One ESC


4 x RTF TS2207 - 2300KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR (19 builds)


DAL Cyclone T5046C Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (396 builds)

FPV Camera

Foxeer HS1177 XAT600M 5~22V NTSC 2.5mm lens

FPV Transmitter

DIATONE SP2 Video Transmitter with 200MW, 25MW, 0.05MW POWER OUTPUT (11 builds)


TBS Triumph Antenna SMA RHCP (Set of 2) (539 builds)


FrSky XM+ PLUS (Mini SBUS Non-telemetry Full Range) (1368 builds)
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Kbobiles   Feb 02, 2017  

Got any pictures with a battery installed? Waiting for restock!

Kbobiles   Feb 02, 2017 

Also, where did you get the green TPU cover? I only see two available colors: Blue/White and Red/White...

Lumpydonut   Feb 02, 2017 

I printed my own :) If you do not have a printer, Chris over at should be able to print any color you want!

coelacanth7   Feb 01, 2017  

What did you put between the carbon fiber and the vtx?

Lumpydonut   Feb 01, 2017 

4 layers of electrical tape

Kbobiles   Jan 31, 2017  

I like how you ran your receiver antennas... very sleek...😀

quadfather_fpv   Jan 30, 2017  

I rlly want to build one. how was the build process. was it anoying?

Lumpydonut   Jan 30, 2017 

not too bad, but I'm used to tight builds. Figuring out KISS was worse than the physical build :P

Whiffles   Jan 30, 2017  

Looks great! How are those cyclones? I'm considering trying some new props. Currently running Dal V2s.

Lumpydonut   Jan 30, 2017 

really liking them, going to order the new 5046 version after CNY

metropolis   Jan 30, 2017 

The cyclones are awesooooome. They're my current go to for general prop.

fpvhq   Jan 30, 2017  

Came here to say, OMG THIS IS AMAZING. Can't wait to build one!

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