Floss 2.0 - DJI Digital FPV - XING 2208 2150KV 5s

By wrong17 on Jun 30, 2020

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The main driving factor that motivated me to build another Floss is the efficiency of the XING 2208 2150kv motors with a 5s lipo and 5” props. Originally I purchased these motors for a Source One 7” (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/17366) build and it worked well but it never seems very efficient. I was using the same CNHL 1300mah / RDQ 1300mah 5s lipos I am using now, and it could never get more than 5 minutes of cruising flight time. Ever since I built a 5” Source One (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/23386) with these motors, I saw a huge improvement in performance and efficiency. So, I wanted to explore the potential in this setup. My next step would have been converting the analog 5” Source One to digital (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/23807) but I never maid it to the maiden flight. The only thing I did not finish was the DJI Air Unit Antenna mount, but I end up selling the frame because it was sold out everywhere and a friend of my wanted one. And that is how I ended up here with the XING 2208 2150kv motors in a Floss 2.0 frame. During my maiden flight I was able to get over 7 minutes of flight time with a mixture of high speed passes and slow cruising speeds. I need to double check the voltage reading on my OSD but it was still reading 17.8v (5s Lipo) when I came in to land.

More info and videos to come after I do more test flights.....


Part List


Hyperlite FLOSS 2, 5 inch 22XX Racing Frame (5 builds)

Flight Controller

HyperLite F4 OSD V2 F4 Flight Controller with VTX Pit Mode (16 builds)


Pyrodrone Pyro32 F3 45A BLHeli32 4-in-1 ESC (5 builds)
See Site


4 x iFlight Xing 2208 Race Brushless Motor (5 builds)


Gemfan Hurricane 51499 Propeller (Set of 4 - Choose Color) (22 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DJI Digital FPV Air Unit - Ultra Low Latency 720p 120FPS Digital HD


Rush FPV Cherry 5.8GHz 90° MMCX Antenna 2 Pack - RHCP (7 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Nano RX - Heli-Nation (1488 builds)


RDQ Series 18.5V 5S 1300mAh 100C LiPo Battery - XT60 (13 builds)


CNHL G+PLUS 1300mAh 18.5V 5S 100C Lipo Battery (13 builds)


Team BlackSheep TBS TANGO 2 V3 PRO RC RADIO (104 builds)


DJI Goggles 2 (7 builds)

3D Printed

Hyperlite Floss v2 - DJI FPV conversion
See Site

HD Camera

GoPro Bones - HERO10 Black (FPV Lightweight Drone Camera) (3 builds)
See Site

Misc Parts

Team BlackSheep TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna V2 (21 builds)

Battery Charger

HOTA F6+ 1000W 60A 1-6S Quad Channel AC/DC Smart Charger - Grey

Battery Charger

HOTA D6 PRO Dual Charger 1-6S AC200W/DC650W 15A w/ Wireless Cellphone Charging - Black (14 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (264 builds)


Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3 - Drone Backpack for 4 FPV Quad Racing Drones and 15" Laptop w/Exterior Mounts (Black)


iFlight Crystal HD Patch and Stubby 5.8GHz RP-SMA Antenna Set for DJI - LHCP - Carbon
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Sixx2099   Jul 15, 2020  

Man this is one clean build. Nice! Would you think other stacks would fit in there too or do you need a fc wit a flat back?

wrong17   Jul 15, 2020 

Thanks! I am sure there are other stacks out there that have similar profile but it is too bad the manufacture does not tell you the stack's hight. You can always use taller standoffs if your stack is too high.

Optimize   Jul 02, 2020  

Looks like you have changed out the lens on the DJI camera. What do you think? Got video? I really liked the GoPro 2.5 lens back in the day. Seems like more cameras have specialized lenses now. I'm just about to maiden my first DJI FPV quad. Floss3.0 6" with the Air Unit. I would like to find a lens that gives me less distortion and the most light and quality.

wrong17   Jul 03, 2020 

I only changed the lens because I broke the stock one and the Runcam RC18G was the only lens avalible at the time. It was easy to install, I just watched a video on youtube on how to replace it. I am not sure if I suppose to remove the IR filter or not because the color looks a little off. The original lens does not have a IR filter on it because it is built in to the camera. Will it cause the color to be off if you have 2 IR filters? I am not to sure, but after replacing the lens it seems like it has a different tint when I compared the before and after videos.

Here is a video of the stock lens on a DJI Air Unit (was on FlexRC Ascent 3" quad):

Here is a video of the Runcam RC18G on a DJI Air Unit (was on FlexRC Ascent 3" quad):

I have not tried removing the IR filter to see if it makes a difference.

Optimize   Jul 03, 2020 

The stock lens looks better. The RC18G has a blue cast and doesn't show the red and yellow colors. That would make sense if you have two IR block filters in there.
This is the lens that I would want to try: https://shop.runcam.com/lens-runcam-swift-rr/
Or this one: https://shop.runcam.com/lens-for-runcam-micro-eagle-eagle-2-pro/
They both have bigger glass so should gather more light and help with night/evening flying.

wrong17   Jul 03, 2020 

I think you are right about gathering more light. Here is a quick test I just did. I removed the Foxeer lens of a Foxeer Cat Super Starlight (https://www.getfpv.com/foxeer-cat-super-starlight-low-light-fpv-camera.html) and compared it to the Runcam RC18G. The image quality is totally different. But I still do not like the color for either lens. I just sold all my analog stuff so this is all I have left.

This is Foxeer Cat Super Starlight:

This is the Runcam RC18G:

Jayembee67   Jun 30, 2020  

This is a nicer build than the SourceOne, so you did the right thing, if you ask me.

And I do like that camera mount / guard / I-T holder very much, I am absolutely stealing that idea! :-D

wrong17   Jul 01, 2020 

Thanks and the floss is a lot lighter too. One of the reason why I like posting my builds on rotorbuilds, so everyone can learn from each other. Because I get ideas from here all the time.

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