Kwad Skwad Purple Beast

By Minichado on Feb 10, 2017

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This is my bread and butter, my daily flier, my perfect setup. It's not an alien or anything too hype, but I've rebuild and crashed this thing more than you can imagine.

QAVR frame with 2mm top plate, the stock top plate just can't handle it. I've never broken an arm on this frame with 4mm arms. and it's been crashed hard, often, and on purpose at times. This is my daily flier, and I will scrap any other build in the house to keep this in the air.

HS1189 16:9 camera with 2.5mm lense is a perfect pairing with dominator V3 goggles, I can't go back to 4:3 cam or goggles (though everyone follows the RR hype there)

these are not addressable but switch changeable LED's, if you want to change color theme just click em and change props. I keep it purple for life, and actually went purple before skitzo motors came out. when the motors came out, it went full purple and I actually removed the switches form the LEDS and shorted them to be purple all the time.



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thumbtwiddler   Mar 09, 2017  


BlackbirdFPV   Feb 26, 2017  

How do you like those Skitzo Motors? I have heard they are smooth. Do they have enough punch?

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BlackbirdFPV   Feb 27, 2017 

Thanks for the feed back. I am a novice and just started flying FPV. I have a ZMR now that I am beating up, but want a good X Frame build. I purchased the Skitzo frame and wanted some complimentary motors. I have EMAX 2600 motors on my ZMR and I like them, but I don't know any better. With all that being said, do you recommend I get those Skitzo motors? Sorry for all the questions, but trying to get this build right the first time.

Minichado   Feb 27, 2017 

Hey it's no bother!! I had emax 2600 motors and they are stupid fast, which also makes them hard to tune and really hard to fly because the hover point (for me) was at like 30% throttle. my skitzo build was nowhere near as fast but also nowhere near as twitchy when I replaced those motors, it's much smoother and easier to fly, tune, and hover was near 50% so throttle management was easier. I would definitely recommend a 2300-2450kv motor over the 2600, it should help manage all sorts of issues. at least it was the case for me.

The Skitzo are a bit pricey, but for my alreay purple themed build I had to go with it. completed the setup I think :)

BlackbirdFPV   Feb 27, 2017 

Great response. I am having those exact same issues, which i thought it was me. I think those motors are just what I need then. Yes, a little pricey, but if it can give me some confidence and save on tuning time then its worth it. Thanks much!

gerb   Feb 10, 2017  

What about 16:9 do you prefer? All cam reviews i've seen running 16:9 are just a cropped 4:3 so you just lose vertical information, is this cam any different?

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Minichado   Feb 10, 2017 this might be the right dvr recording, I'll have to verify. problem I have is playback defaults to 4:3, but you can force it to 16:9 on playback. my video editing software does not let me screw with aspect ratio but vlc does. I can email you a small sample file if you shoot me something

Minichado   Feb 10, 2017 

Also, my second build is still on 4:3 and 2.1 lense, and I can just see more on the HS1189, so it's getting upgraded this weekend. My friend also just upgraded his eachine wizard and he is like "holy mess" because he can see so much more!! I'd say it's worth a test if you have never tried it, and especially if you have 16:9 goggles.

gerb   Feb 10, 2017 

Saw the 16:9 in the instagram video, definitely didn't seem to be cropping any vertical image data so seems interesting, may look into that in the future.

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