DJI Digital CINE Freybott 2.5Zoll

By Dark FPV on Nov 05, 2020

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now the time has come. Goodbye analog, welcome to the digital FPV. It has become the DJI system.
The new one shouldn't weigh more than 250g, it has become 247g. If necessary, there is also the naked Gopro6 for 4K 60fps video recordings.
There had to be a bit of lighting, the super small LEDs from FETtec do an excellent job here.
I'm already looking forward to the first trips with the setup.

First test flight...

Flys better after tuning

Update: 13.1.21
Finaly with the Original Freybott Motors 5500KV @4S and the Gemfan d63-ducted-durable-5-blade 2,5 Zoll. The 5 Blade Prop make mutch less noise at flight.

a Flight Video follows soon

Here are a few shots with the Upgrade from the flood in Leverkusen in 2021.


Part List

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Flight Controller

BetaFPV Toothpick F722 2-6S AIO BLHeli_S 35A (2 builds)
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4 x Lumenier Freybott FR1205 Motor - 5500KV / 7000KV (2 builds)


Gemfan D63 Ducted Durable 5 Blatt Clear Grey 2,5 Zoll kaufen |
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Azure - 2540 Racing Prop rot 2.5 x 4
See Site

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Vista Digital HD System für DJI HD FPV
See Site


TBS Crossfire Nano RX Empfänger (4 builds)
See Site


Lipo 650mAh 14,8V 4S 50C/100C FPV Parcour XT30
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3D Printed

Lumenier QAV-CINE Freybott Edition (2.5") Naked GoPro Mount by Lumenier
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2 x FETtec Tiny LED Stick (2 Stück) (3 builds)


BetaFPV Case V2 mit BEC GoPro Lite
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Ferhat23   Apr 17, 2022  

hi, how much flight time you have with this setup ?

Dark FPV   Apr 19, 2022 

Hi, with 550mAh Tattu and naked Go ca 3:30min

Ferhat23   Apr 19, 2022 

i dont reach 2min of flighttime with 650 chnl and without gopro. how dou you get so much flighttime

Dark FPV   Apr 19, 2022 

That is really very little. For me, this was the case from the beginning, I didn't do anything special for it.

Sh0ck   Oct 20, 2021  

hi, I have the same FC, but I have no black box logs, betaflight says no Dataflash chip, do you have a blackbox ? or is my FCjust not good ?

Dark FPV   Oct 21, 2021 

I dont have space for blackbox too

Sh0ck   Oct 21, 2021 

oh okay ! guess I sent my FC back to the shop for nothing then xD

Whiffles   Mar 08, 2021  

What's your config for the D63 5 blade props? The motors get quite hot. I've got 48khz Bi-Directional DSHOT 300 with the filters pulled a few notches to the left. My PD mix is also quite low. This is BF 4.2.8. Any suggestions or could you share your PIDs and filter settings?

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Whiffles   Mar 09, 2021 

Thank you! I'll play around with my settings.

Whiffles   Mar 09, 2021 

I noticed you linked the Freybott motors but you're using the BetaFPV motors in your photos. I'm running the Freybott motors and they get quite hot even with your settings. Think it's worth switching to the BetaFPV motors?

Sixminix   Aug 28, 2021 

Did you changed those? I think I also should do that... If yes, is it better?

Sixminix   Aug 28, 2021  

hey, I also built this Freybott last Month. I have big troubles with the really really hot motors. I had 7000KV Motors from Lumenier and than i changed them to 5500 Kv. But its not even better... I have played with the pids but it wasn't getting better... How did you solve that problem? Can you send me your PID values? Thank you!

Bikke Vliegen FPV   Apr 30, 2021  

Aha so you used 5000kv. What about 1404 motors? Did you try those too?

Dark FPV   May 01, 2021 

No i try the 1205 and the 1204 fom betafpv.

Dark FPV   Mar 09, 2021  

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