Custom Racer 1

By Heatsink on Nov 19, 2020

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After destroying too many cameras, and stack components from smashing cameras into the stack, I wanted a frame with proper camera protection, and a design where a hard front on wouldn't bend standoffs. The CMW SlamNasty was close, but the arms were took weak, and the different front and back arm braces meant I ended up with too many spares of one, and not enough of the other. So using the SlamNasty as inspiration I designed my own variant with beefier arms, symmetrical arm geometry front to back, and a connected mid plate to give side intrusion protection to the stack. The hollow mid plate allows the build to remain slammed (15mm standoffs) keeping it very resistant to bending standoffs, and also adds to the rigidity.
I was taken by the sleek design of the camera mount on Jimmy Proton's SlamNasty build. Developing and extending the idea further, I incorporated camera mount, antenna mount, VTX shelf, flip fin mounting and a side skirt to keep grass and muck out of the stack. The front is separate from the rear so the top can be quickly removed for servicing, while leaving the antenna and VTX connected and the rest of the stack fully exposed.
All up weight as pictured including props and arm braces front and back is 301g.



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Kstone   11 days ago  

Looks like the camera position is fixed?

Heatsink   6 days ago 

HI Kstone. Sorry I though I replied to you the other day. Yes the cam angle is fixed. I prefer it that way so I know the angle is where I want it and to give better cam protection. I actually just bumped it up 5 deg by printing another TPU front body.

DoubleJackOnTap   6 days ago  

Love it. After spending the last two days picking grass out of my stacks I wonder why more aren't like this. Have you noticed any heat issues yet?

Heatsink   6 days ago 

No problem with heat. I wasnt sure it first so put the F7 CPU temp on the OSD and kept an eye on it. However the airflow through the top plate vents and out the bottom works fine. Doesn't get much above 55 deg.

K1R   15 days ago  

the build is sleek indeed! are you planning to release frame design?

Heatsink   14 days ago 

Thanks for the interest, but not at the moment. Needs a bit more testing.

WizzX   15 days ago  

very nice and clean. what kind of 3D print did you use?

Heatsink   14 days ago 

The filament is Ooznest 98A hardness TPU. Firmer than typical TPU, but still very impact resistant.

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