SV Digipick (tp3)

By JtlaraiaII on Jan 17, 2021

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This ongoing project comes from my love of neighborhood flying. I love the FPVcycle toothpick3 platform, but switched over to digital. Since micros are my Jam, and I love a challenge, I set out to build a slightly different tp3. My goal was to build a toothpick that falls within Bob Roogis recommended specifications, and transmits in crispy HD. As of January, this is where im at in the project. I've got a basic mount mocked up to accomodate a stripped down DJI fpv camera. Im calling this the SV beebrain mount or Naked DJI beebrain mount. Ive also compiled a basic parts list. If you follow the list directly, your final weight should be extremely similar. **Please note, this craft is not built for durability. Instead, Maximum weight savings and Performance.

  • 1x FPVCycle Babytooth frame 2mm
  • 1x Diatone Mamba 25a aio
  • 1x Caddx Vista with full DJI cam+antenna
  • 4x FPVCycle 1303 5000kv Motors
  • 1x TBS Tracer RX
  • 1x SV beebrain mount (skeleton vista) (3D print)
  • 4x m2x15mm nylon screw (for stack)
  • 4x m2x5+6mm nylon standoff (for stack)
  • 4x m2x3mm spacer (3D print)
  • 4x m2x7mm nylon screw (optional for props)
  • 4x m2x3.5mm nylon screws (motors)
    **I cut m2x20mm nylon screws down to the varios sizes listed above.
  • 4x Gemfan Hurrican 3016 tri-blades (personal preference)
  • 1x 25v 300uF capacitor (



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lgustol   Nov 24, 2021  

how did you attach the antenna to the 3d printed part?

daich   Apr 14, 2021  

just finished my copy of this build...thanks for the inspiration!
I had to go metal motor bolts since the threads weren't clean from previous locktite so I'm rocking more grams than you

SirBounceALot   Apr 14, 2021  

Got all the parts today - very excited to start my build :-) Would you care to share your BF config incl. the PIDS?

9volt   Jan 25, 2021  

This is incredible! Can you please share a build guide and STL for the Vista parts? How do you strip down the camera? Amazing stuff.

V-22   Jan 18, 2021  

Great idea with the SV beebrain mount! Can you share the STL files?

I was confused why it was so heavy at first, then I saw the battery :) Dry weight is around 68g? Very impressive considering the full size DJI cam!

Elesar   Jan 18, 2021  

Nice work! Camera mount is very clean. I use a rubber mount that take part of the energy on impacts and for the time being protects the camera. As you said your target is to save weight so that is really nice mount!

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