ultralight naked skeleton dead cat

By daich on Apr 14, 2021

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When I saw this build https://rotorbuilds.com/build/25969 I instantly rotorbuilds cloned it. so cool.

On the drawing board, this was going to be the based on the HX115 and some shiny new HGLRC Aeolus 1303.5 motors
but as I was about to unsolder the geprc phantom to canabalise the FC I realised that my current 2.5" ix2 has some really really nice flight characterstics. It actually has momentum and the 1105 motors with the super light gemfan 2512 actually had plenty of authority and decent top-end with amazing amounts of throttle resolution. Similarly weighted 3" ultra-lights (toothpicks) that i've had may have more power and efficiency and even quieter but they didn't have the momentum and often the bottom end of the throttle had a massive hump making it difficult to hug the grown.

So since I had an original style toothpick frame sitting around (2.5") that had stretched front arms out to dead cat style I decided to use that. Also, mostly because of laziness to chop and solder 12 wires, I just transplanted the 1105s along with the FC from my digital phantom. The 1105's and 1303.5 have extremely similar stator volumes. They are right next to each other in my chart.

73g dry isn't that much lighter than 89g on my ix2 but it's still signifcant. we will see if it's worth the compromise in durability. Possibly a few more grams that can be saved here and there but let's see how she goes first.



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McWeird   24 days ago  

Looking good! Could I get some info on that full canopy from the first pictures? I'm looking up inspiration for an upcoming similar project that uses the og dji cam (might go naked for it too) and I sorta dig the enclosed ones compared to the revised beebrain mounts for some added protection.

daich   24 days ago 

thanks bud.
heres the canopy - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4564163
I still haven't flown this thing yet. the skeleton beebrain mount cracked before I even got it up in the air. then when I was test hovering in the house with the new canopy, I got a P runaway (not enough filtering) and it smashed the ceiling and cracked the canopy on disarm....so I put it aside for now as I do this when I get too frustrated. Not sure what direction I'm going to go yet now

Jodie Froster   Apr 14, 2021  

Needs a bigger capacitor

daich   Apr 14, 2021 

maybe one down the other arm to match? ;)

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