Bolt 210

By spdfx on Dec 11, 2015

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Had to build a lightweight racer/acro to compliment my tree bashing ZMR.

White side panels and neon yellow parts are vinyl. Just covers the carbon panels and wraps around the standoffs.



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fantillon   Mar 09, 2016  

The leds on the back... where did got them?

spdfx   Mar 10, 2016 

I forgot to add those to the list, they're on there now. Two 4 WS2812 RGB LED squares wired together.

fantillon   Mar 09, 2016  

by FAAAAARRRRR the best built I have ever seen... congratulations.

You just sold me on the Bolt 210. Thanks!

fantillon   Mar 09, 2016 

Great tribute to the The Doctor... y la tribu de Chihuahua. VLF!

Whiffles   Feb 29, 2016  

What are those white strips around the ESCs? Looks much better than zip-ties.

spdfx   Mar 03, 2016 

Just some strips of white vinyl. Could do the same with electrical tape.

Whiffles   Mar 03, 2016 

They're definitely a nice touch.

licris19   Feb 19, 2016  

love that anime vinyl on the bottom, where did you get that stuff

spdfx   Mar 03, 2016 

Custom printed this one, but you can find stickerbomb style sheets on eBay.

Whiffles   Jan 13, 2016  

How do you like the RCX motors? They seem to be a good value for the money.

spdfx   Jan 15, 2016 

Price/performance ratio is fantastic. Version 2s have fixed the issues with the bells. Not the best if you're looking for durability, but if you want power, these are great. I can buy two for the price of one Cobra motor.

Whiffles   Jan 15, 2016 

Good to know! Do you know anything about the Kongkong 2300kv motors at Banggood? They're cheap and a good size, but I don't see them on too many builds.

Naidan   Feb 16, 2016 

Would you consider building one for someone?

PixelHawk   Jan 19, 2016  

I can't believe how sexy this is! Amazing!

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