Bolt Black Ops 6"

By charmlasse on Feb 21, 2017

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The Radiolink R9D receiver is stripped out of the cabinet to fit. The Foxeer Arrow is a left over from old build. I am using the OSD in the PDB instead of the OSD in the camera.



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Whiffles   Feb 21, 2017  

Looks great! The frame link doesn't work though. Got another one?

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Whiffles   Feb 21, 2017 

Much better! Bolt really should have added redirects from their old site to the new.

charmlasse   Feb 21, 2017 

Good thing they are much better at building quads than manage web sites ;)

Oscarem296   Feb 21, 2017  

Wow, ultra clean build. NICE JOB!

charmlasse   Feb 21, 2017 


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