By kwadkenstine on Jun 07, 2021

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I like science fiction , I prefer to watch starwars with the sound turned off. . I also like the ocasional death stick laced with mary jane.



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kwadkenstine   12 days ago  

Hi I posted a short clip . do not try this at home.

Jodie Froster   12 days ago  

I love it SO much!!!!!
Ok, now the deets: that dome over your flight stack looks light, and durable, how is it attached (and also: what was it?)?
SO I have questions about takeoff and landing, your cam angle is WILD
Do you stand it up on the bottom of the battery sled, and if so is your cam angle...like...115deg?!??!?!??!
How do you land? do you have a soft spot to plop it down, or do you drag the tail? Follow up: do you have some kind of expendable plastic on the bottom edge of the tail, or does it straight drag carbon?
I would love lOvE LOVE some LOS footage of that bad boii in the air, please please please!!!

kwadkenstine   12 days ago 

Like a lot of my stuff the dome is a found object . drilled tapped and attached with 4 long bolts from under . and yes i stand it on its ass and take off backwards. land in a soft bush.. It is a wild ride and i will post some dvr soon.

thumbtwiddler   13 days ago  

Kwad you never fail to amuse me

Jayembee67   13 days ago  

Well, that's terrifying looking too. Appears the CNC router got a workout again! Is it as alarming in the air as it looks on the bench?

OptimaZe   14 days ago  

Love the way this looks. I'd like to do something similar in a 2-2.5 inch form factor.

-X3-   14 days ago  

Nice ! I'd love to see a DVR of this beast

#Sircrashalot   14 days ago  

nice build, please make some videos 😀

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