Mini QBiT

By pryseck on Jul 26, 2021

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This is the Mini QBiT, a high performance, mechanically simple, vertical take-off and landing RC aircraft. Unlike a standard quadcopter, biplane wings give the vehicle additional lift in forward flight, allowing for improved range, endurance and maneuverability. Mini QBiT does not require additional control surfaces like ailerons or elevators to maneuver. Instead, attitude control and transition from hover to forward flight is accomplished with differential rotor thrust. In other words, the only moving parts are the 4 motors, making for an extremely reliable and low cost VTOL aircraft.

Magnetic Mounts for Frame and Wings: Magnetic mounts allow for rapid assembly and disassembly. Easily swap wings out to fit your flying style within seconds. Pop off the nosecone to have full access to electronics and pop it back on to reduce forward flight drag and prevent damage to sensitive electronics.

FPV Capabilities: Two cameras provide first person view for low speed and high speed forward flight. This makes for a unique and exciting flying experience unlike anything else. This video shows it in action:

Durability: Carbon fiber polycarbonate structure allows for shock absorption in crashes. Aerospace grade carbon fiber wings are both light-weight and stiff to prevent wing damage. The nose cone protects sensitive electronics and wings automatically detach in the event of high g-loading to prevent wing and frame damage.

Build Tutorial: Follow the step by step build tutorial that shows you everything you need to make your own, from parts to flying: This is a recent build done by Kstone:



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Boa_FPV   Oct 01, 2022  

What ever happened to the production of this frame? Are there plans of any kind to release the source files for others to experiment with this frame design non comercially?

pryseck   Oct 02, 2022 

I decided to shut down the website because I had to move and need the time to work on new projects. More to come soon, thanks for the interest!

Boa_FPV   Oct 01, 2022  
Kstone   Jul 30, 2021  

The throttle is held pretty low in winged mode. (Maybe 20-30%)

JUSTiFLY_FPV   Jul 29, 2021  

This is amazing!
How does it switch from one camera to the next?

pryseck   Jul 29, 2021 

thanks! it uses a video switcher which switches the camera feed based on a pwm signal.

nic4wtf   Jul 28, 2021  

Awesome design!

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