BQE Rip Squeak v2

By LynxFPV on Nov 23, 2021

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Introducing the newest build to my fleet the BQE Rip Squeak v2 from Having built plent of 5"-6"-7" quads over the past 3.5 years. This is my first 2.5" micro build.
My main goal going into this build was to have a quad i would be able to fly in the apartment complex or local parks without drawing attention.
Decided to go with 16×16 aio Jhemcu 13a board instead of a stack. And man oh man was this a challenging experience. Learned really quick that my soldering skills were going to be tested. The motor pads are super simple to solder onto, however, the pads for which the rx, vtx, an camera are the challenge. Being so close together and super tiny, it required a Lot of focuse with a steady hand. even with the smallest tip on my soldering iron i stoll managed to accidentally bridge a ground pad to a 5v (with patients was able to remove). An only after the crossfire receiver an the foxeer toothless nano camera had been soldered on, did i realize that i wouldn't have enough a 5v or gnd pad to use unless i used the pads for the led an to double up with ground wires. Was really fun to do this an test my skills.
When it came to the decision on what motors to choose. The standard for this size of frame seemed to be 1105. Yet i had my heart set on something unique, ao went with 1204 :) The RCinPower 1204 5000kv pink&blue from Pyrodrone. Sure glad i did because they are amazing! So smooth an powerful.
The vtx is housed in a little 3d printed mount that also holds the tbs u.fl antenna. I had no idea the fpv antenna was going to be so long, so had to make a choice to either move the vtx out of the mount an into the center over the aio board or do a loose loop around the u.fl mount an zip tie it.
I decided to wait on my fpv camera purchase an hold out untill the one i wanted was back in stock. almost said screw it and go with the one with a smaller sensor. Yet im happy i held out. The foxeer toothless nano 2.1mm in neon green is amazing.
This build was a fun one! i think i might build another 2.5" micro in the near future...maybe the BQE Pickpocket



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eggarbad   Apr 21, 2023  

That's look so interesting!

ArkansasFPV   Nov 23, 2021  

I love it man, great build.

scirocco   Nov 23, 2021  

How about the weight?
I like it good build.... bcus :)
I build close to same like yours but used this board for maximum 3S bcus prefere 3inch! (79g) (72g)
( I am not enough brave :) )
I do not have any problem with this FC.... not yet but I am using it more than 6months.

For 4S I am using other FC! (77g) (80g)

good luck!

LynxFPV   Nov 23, 2021 

thank you ❤️
with out lipo it weighs 90 grams.
with 3s 350mAh lipo it weighs exactly 120 grams. i really like this build. was a lot of fun to test my soldering skills on a aio board like this.

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