Cinelog 35 HD 6s - 2004 1750kv

By wrong17 on Dec 10, 2021

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This is another short-lived project because I end up trading it for something else. I did not get the time to fully test all I wanted with this build. I would like to try different props and see how it would perform. I only flew it less than 2 packs and my initial impressions is that it has lots of potential. If you fly it like a cinewhoop to get slow cinematic videos, then this quad can be very efficient and get long flight times. It handles very well with the PIDs from GEPRC. If you let it loose, this thing is fast and powerful while carrying a full gopro. Can this replace my Shendron Squirt (6s w/ 2205 2300kv motors, and the is a hell NO!!! But is it better than a Squirt with full ducts and 4s 1407 motor; YES for sure. I have built 4 different variations of the squirt and each version gets better and better. But during my back-to-back testing between the Cinelog 35 and Squirt (6s w/ 2205 2300kv motors), there is a noticeable difference in performance. Maybe the slow cinematic flying can still be fine-tuned with the Cinelog 35 to match the Squirt but the pure power to flying it like a free style quad cannot be matched with the bigger motors in the squirt. And the biggest deal breaker for me about the Cinelog 35 is the noise. Until they come out with more 3.5" props selections the Gemfan D90 props are too loud in comparison to the HQ 75MMX6 Props. I guess, that might be one of the reasons why I was willing to let go of this project so quicky and maybe revisit it again when there is a larger prop selection.

Here is my first flight with Cinelog 35:



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grabejud   9 days ago  

thanks for the great writeup as i do plan to get one, i guess the noise is the trade off with ducted quads. i like this performance but certainly do observe even cinelog 25 is also noisy leaf blower. i have an actobrat that i converted to cinebrat with prop guards and the sound become more noisier.

wrong17   8 days ago 

Thanks! My opinion about the Cinelog 35 noise is based on the other ducted / prop guard quads that I have. The Cinelog 35 is noticeably louder than everything I have, even louder than a Squirt v2. However, it is not a fair comparison because there is a very limited selection of props to choose for a 3.5” quad. I think in the future when there is a better selection of props, the Cinelog 35 can only get even better.

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