Orion 133

By Walker on Mar 10, 2017

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This was my first 3" build and I wanted a vicious little screamer. Struggled to get the V-Good Firefly derived ESCs to work properly until I flashed an older BF firmware, which was a bit of a bummer but it still flies great. $3 antler upgrade saved the camera the first time I took it out, and looks cool to boot!



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thumbtwiddler   Jun 04, 2017  

how did you mount the camera?

Walker   Jun 04, 2017 

I used the backplate with the higher mount to get more clearance over the stack. The frame came with TPU bits that clipped onto the rollcage with the appropriate size hole for the camera screws

BlackbirdFPV   Mar 10, 2017  

How do you like that square frame vs an X Frame? I have never flown a square frame and I don't even know the reason, but I see more and more.

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BlackbirdFPV   Mar 13, 2017 

What is the advantage of that kind of frame?

Walker   Mar 14, 2017 

Supposed to be more rigid and durable for a lightweight frame by virtue of the bracing. Probably more true for the larger versions than this little baby. I mostly just thought it looked cool

thumbtwiddler   Mar 10, 2017  


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